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A Demopublican World

Like many primary voters, this morning I checked to see the results of yesterdays symbolic act of voting. Funny, the Demopublican media, yes the the same media that only lets two parties debate (chickenshits and chickenhawks), only covered results from the two ‘lessors’.  Now I know the Greens had no primary challengers, but I was still interested in the number of voters voting Green. Primaries, if anything, should be a record of your party affiliation. I am sick and tired of seeing pollsters making sure a certain % of Democrats and Republicans are included in polls, but not giving Greens the same courtesy .

Overall, it was a big Demopublican night. The Democratic Party continued their center right shift and made sure progressive minded Democrats were kicked out of office or not permitted through the primary process. Herb Kohl won by over 86%. One wonders where the 80% of voters who last spring wanted the troops home were. They certainly were not holding a center right, war mongering, Demopublican’s feet to the fire. Shame on you, shame on you.

In addition, Kathleen Falk won by 6% and La Follette trounced Scott Ross. If one message is clear it is that  Wisconsin is the anti- Connecticut. While the rest of the country is trying desperately to find the soul of the old Democrats, Wisconsin is moving center-right in Clintonesque fashion.

A long time ago Karl Marx made the comment that ‘religion is the opiate of the masses’.  Many,  totally missed his point. Marx’s point was that religion had a pacifying effect that neutralizes social change. The ‘Democrats’ religion is the recent ‘Fighting’ Bobfest’ (without the fight of course). This past weekend they got all riled up about Amy Goodman, and Greg Palast but come Tuesday they voted for  ‘Nobodies Senator but His’ and other center right, do nothing unless its polically expediant, Demopublicans.

This Friday is the Chickenshit and Chickenhawk Debate. I have gotten several letters from the Demopublican media and it is clear they want to keep Wisconsin on it rightward shift. They do not want to have a serious discussion on honest government, universal healthcare, green energy, or economic justice.

In 2002, most voters thought having the Green and Libertarian added greatly to the debates. In fairness, I know many Democrats realize banning Nelson Eisman from the debates violates the legacy of Fighting Bob La Follette.  If you would like to participate in before, during, and after collective action, please visit Nelson Eisman’s site.  We need to send a clear message that in  Wisconsin we will not tolerate political censorship by the corporate media.


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