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The Time the Democrats Forgot

Watchdog Milwaukee: What have their actions caused?  Let’s look at that.  Without the Greens we would not have George W. Bush as our President.  3000 soldiers would still be alive.  No child left behind, which leaves many children behind and the dangerous environmental policies would never have been enacted.  Had the Green party not been successful we would have actually signed the Kyoto accord on greenhouse gasses under President Al Gore.

Isn’t it funny that the Democrats are still blaming Nader for everything Bush. Nader must have been there with a stick in hand forcing the Dems to vote for No Child left behind, the Iraq War, and those disastrous energy bills. Damn it, Kohl is just a poor victim of Nader mind control. Truth be told I did not vote for Nader, and I did not become a Green until they got over there Nader fetish. 

A good place to begin is looking at Madison’s voting population from 1998 on. 1998 is when both the Green Party and PD started picking up steam. If the PD and Greens had a detrimental impact on the Democratic Party we’d see a rather stable voting population and a declining Democratic proportion of that population.

Interestingly, in years (2000, 2004, 2006) where Greens got the most hate from their legitimate democratic participation, dramatic voter upsurges occurred in Dane  County with Democrats getting most of the love. What about 2002 you ask. It turns out most of the third party vote was taken from the Republicans. Republicans got a measly 24% of the Dane County vote. In addition, the PD website does not list any endorsements for the fall of 2002 eventhough a Green was in the race.

In 1998 you had a frustrated Dane County electorate with Dane County technically being a swing district. There was a measly 160,000 voters going to the polls. By some miracle, Tammy  Baldwin was able to make her way to Congress with 57% of the vote. That same year Echnaton Vedder was elected to the County Board, becoming the first Green to hold local office in Dane County.  Thanks to Progressive Dane and the Green Party, Dane County has not been a swing district since.  

In 2006, with a strong Green presence from the campaigns of Rae Vogeler and Nelson Eisman, Democrats got support from 70% of the electorate and there were 50,000 more voters than in 2002.

So the next time some DLC wannabe tells you that PD or the Greens are a threat to the Democratic Party, tell them that once upon a time, in a time before Progressive Dane and the Green Party, the land we call Dane County was known as a swing district. Tell your children and your grandchildren about this land that the Democrats forgot.  It can be yours again, just ask any poor soul from the land of Sensenbrenner and Walker.