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Was not IRV, but…

Earlier this month I posted a few potential questions on the PD website for the Mayoral debate. While there is no mention of IRV it looks like one of the questions were asked,

They were so stridently united in their criticism that it came as no surprise when, in response to a question, each said they would vote for the other for mayor, if they could not vote for themselves. Source: Isthmus

Here is what I find hilarious. Awhile ago Muñoz was attempting to get a PD endorsement, which he didn’t get, and now he’s calling our marshes, swamps and in rightist fashion proclaims Madison does not need more park land. Muñoz is moving so far to the right Allen’s strategy is to play the middle road between him and Cieslewicz.

Although a 90% tax rate does sound appealing, I think I’ll play it safe and write in Zipperer.