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Proletariats of the Week

I usually don’t spend much time viewing NeoCrybaby blogs, but since one recently reposted one of my my posts I thought I’d check some WordPress Wisconsin blogs. Its a good thing I did (HT Texas Hold Em) because I found my Proletariat of the Week.

In the past I have thought about a little award for these proletariat heroes, but they they come around so seldom I didn’t think it was not worth the effort. This week however we have two Proletariats worthy of mention.

Cory Mason (D) Racine

Sen. John Lehman

Here is what Mason had to say on a livable not minimum wage,

Unless we tie the state’s minimum wage to inflation, those on the bottom end of the wage scale will continue to fall further and further behind. Raising the minimum wage will affect working families in Racine County, working families who deserve this raise.

Usually one of the big differences between Democratic and Green Party minimum / living wages is the minimum wage is not indexed to inflation. There are historical reasons for this such as a living wage is difficult for Dems to run on every five or ten years. Cory Mason ought to be commended for putting the needs of workers ahead of party and politics. Sadly, this is the kind of courage that we do not see in many Democrats.

Texas Hold Em ponders why not index all wages to inflation. He sees this as a cyclical relationship as in government increases wages, inflation increases, wages increase, inflation increases… The one problem with that logic is that we do not all experience inflation equally and not all wages need to be increased. For example, wages of CEO’s are way to high and they continue to increase without justification. That is why I’d go further than Mason and actually impose a maximum wage. I would actually call it the Small Business Restoration Act, but we’ll leave that for another day.

Our other proletariat hero is Sen. Lehman,

Under current law, once companies meet the $3,000 maximum to its employees they can decide to pay off debt or meet its obligations to workers owed money. Lehman wants to compel businesses to pay employees before anyone else.

It’s complete insanity that such a bill even has to be offered. Why should a business be permitted to screw its employees if it closes down. Of course those who work day in and day out for a company should be paid before other debtors.

Texas Hold Em thinks that this bill is just class warfare because it forces businesses to pay its debts to its own employees before other creditors. What Texas Hold Em is really concerned about is the bill hurting rich businessmen and their families. Wah, wah, wah.