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Truthiness and Truthfulness, Inconveniently

Last night, my son and I watched The Inconvenient Truth together. Recently I had Democratic bloggers all upset because I thought there was something to right wing critiques of Gore’s personal energy use. That energy use is what it is, and in no way detracts from the truthiness and truthfulness of the film.

The truthfulness was about as solid as its gets. Gore did not limit his analysis to one geographical region, but demonstrated how climate change impacts every region on the planet. Often analysis like this only go back twenty or thirty years which only gives you a slice of the totality. In looking at Co2 and temperature he went back at least 60,000 years which gave a very clear indication that those increases are gross deviations from the norm.

As important was the truthiness of the film. That truth of the gut that something has gone terrible wrong if its exponential population growth, melting of the ice caps, dramatic Co2 and temperature increases, increasing acidity in the oceans, or more violent and concentrated weather patterns. While we can not be guaranteed a predictable outcome for this or that change of action, there is a very clear predictable outcome of our present course of action.

The one critique I have is the one made by the Political Compass blog. The film while mentioning corporate responsibility in a sidebar or two leaves it out of its major analysis. While personal responsibility and ones carbon footprint are no doubt fine educational tools, they will not alter the nature of the beast. This is one issue where we need a stronger governmental role and more corporate responsibility. Political Compass put it best,

Ultimately it’s about as meaningful as a documentary on lung cancer that fails to mention tobacco.


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  1. jody

    Houston we have a problem.

    Actually Nate, I have a problem. That would be you. You keep writing about the same stuff I write about, or am just putting fingers to keyboard to write about, or have just finished writing about. Beginning to get weird.

    I just this weekend wrote an essay thing that I planned to submit to an undisclosed location on – guess what – the Al Gore thing and a particular view of it. You’re getting too close to my point here in this post.

    How can I be vastly original and brilliant if you’re doing it too? I know the chorus line thing works for the Dem Boy Band (Backstreet’s Back, Alright!), but is that what looks good on us?

    I hate to not submit my essay, but I don’t want to be accused of peeking over Nate’s shoulder either. I’m not even a damn socialist….I don’t think.


  2. jody

    Hey – nice proletariat TV doo-hickey over there

  3. Do post the Al Gore thing. If you need to mess with the post time stamp and then tell everyone I was peeking over your shoulders.

  4. jody

    Actually I had thought to submit it to this OTHER place, if they don’t take it, or if I re-read it and think it’s mediocre then I’ll put it on my blog.

  5. Babblemur

    I LOVE the Proletariat TV thing!

    I want to do my own, but maybe I’ll just use yours for now, you’ve got some great vids posted there. Very nice.

  6. Well thank you. I like the way it handles, videos playing in same browser and all.

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