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Sanders says Bring it On

Siroto has a little piece on the K Street Dems and the pressure by the business community. 

The Sanders section targeting the business community now is drawing corporate lobbyists into the fight. Under the provision, a bipartisan commission would be created and charged with tracking the amount of political donations pharmaceutical companies and aligned trade associations made in the two years leading up to passage of a new prescription drug program for seniors, a program that was designed with heavy input from the industry. Source: The Corporate Crackdown –

It looks like Sander’s reform is making its way to the House. You remember the first 100 hours don’t you, well Sanders thought the Dems were serious about ending corruption. I would say the Sanders section is on the moderate side, he just wants to track donations from drug companies and trade association for up to two years prior to a vote. Nothing big hear, just your basic open, transparent government.


2 responses to “Sanders says Bring it On

  1. Peter

    While I wouldn’t put Bernie Sanders in any kind of “moderate” camp (then again, I wouldn’t use that term in a political context myself – but that’s another story), I totally agree that what he has proposed is a pretty basic “reform.” Bernie is also probably one of the best in putting out legislation that tragically goes nowhere.

    In a larger context, Bernie is a wonderful example of someone running for elected office on the merits of his principles. He’s like Russ Feingold (and some other great ones) that run in fairly evenly-split states as far as partisan self-identification and voting preference, and do so on an unabashedly liberal platform, communicating and articulating their values in a way that resonates with people.

  2. Center yes, moderate no. Sirota differentiates between the Washington and American center. I think Bernie is much more in the American than Washington center.

    I do think we need to address why some of his proposals go nowhere. Most are based on economic justice and the culture of Washington is much more in line K Street than working people.

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