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Will Dems Rove Wannabe Tactics Backfire

I guess Jay thinks Swift Boating is too harsh, and besides the Democrats have truth if not the American way on there side. I am still unclear why the Swift Boaters would have been in the right if they had truth on their side. It seems to me the politics would have been just as nasty if everything they said about Kerry was true. Swift Boating would not have been my choice of words, so I can sort of see Jay’s point.

It seems to me that Rove Wannabe tactics is really what the Democrats are trying to do. They are choosing the battlefield of character assassination over issue differentiation. Interestingly, the blizzard of Ziegler posts on LeftyBlogs started showing up after Clifford’s poor primary showing. It is almost as if the Democrats lost confidence in their candidate and her issues and felt the only way they could win is by Rove like tactics.

Rove wannabe is probably more accurate since the Dems keep reinforcing Republican talking points. For example look at Progressive Majority reinforcing the weak on pedophiles meme. If I am motivated by sexual predators in a Supreme Court choice who do you thing I’ll vote for a Republican or a Democrat. Its this same meme that lost Falk the Attorney General’s job.

I have no idea what a Democratic meme would be, but a progressive one would include equal protection under the law, civil liberties, labor rights, limits on corporate excess, and anti-corruption. I have heard very little about any of these issues in the Supreme Court race, and when issues like corruption is mentioned all I hear are excuses and rationalization from Democrats.

As of right now I fear Clifford is going the way of Falk. Clifford, and Democratic bloggers for that matter, have given very few reasons to vote for her in the Supreme Court race. The Rove Wannabe tactics have one intent, voter suppression, and that’s why the Republicans do it. It really is only successful if you have no positive message in which to bring out your base, and your only hope is suppressing your opponents base. But then again maybe that’s where the Democrats are at.


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  1. folkbum

    It’s coming from at me from both ends!

  2. They certainly seem envious of your organization.

    I think it be great if they Dems went as much on the attack for Clifford as they have against Ziegler.

    Zeigler as crooked, corrupt, corporate whore while certainly true gets old after awhile.

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