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Proletariat of the Week

The state film industry and others say Wisconsin is losing lots of movies and lots of money because a bill is stalled at the state Capitol, but the state senator responsible for the holdup said he is not budging. Channel 3000

Looks like we found ourselves another good proletariat. Sen. Russell Decker, D-Weston is sticking to his guns, this is not the time for corporate welfare when basic services for education and transportation are being cut. Yes, I know, we still have those Demopublicans whining that without corporate welfare we will lose more business.

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  1. jody

    Ya, that makes no sense. Our paper here is full of special fees, tax hikes and a whopping school referendum ( just one for now – more coming later for buildings) because we don’t have the money as it is to pay for basic services.

    It’s really hard to feel sorry for Hollywood. And by that I mean that the amount of money to be made by WI residents on these movie deals will be concentrated in the hands of a relative few. Quite the opposite of the tax increases and fees that are coming at us from all directions.

    It seems like this economic policy is just more Trickle Down stupidity. I guess the Republicans are not the only ones to idolize Reagan. Poor little Hollywodd – circling over Wisconsin waiting to land….Jesus! who wrote THAT bit?

  2. Here is the thing the neo liberals got corporate America so trained that they won’t cough without some extortion money.

    Its kind of like that old school age proverb that if you have to pay for your friends they won’t stick around too long.

  3. jody

    Oh sure, now ya tell me. You can kiss those big fat checks goodbye then Nate. The deal is off.

  4. jody

    Nate – Have you seen the video of the first Milwaukee (not exactly statewide you know) Blogger Event ? Or maybe you even went, but I did not know there was video available – rather long but interesting in that it turns out to be quite differnt than what I would have assumed a Blogger Con to be. Considering the next one is coming up that was somewhat enlightening for me to see.

    At this point it’s kind of Yes-No question. If you had seen this event. Then I guess from there I’d move on to if you want to share your thoughts or not.
    K? bye.

  5. I think I remember seeing it, the only thing I remember on the video is a puppet of a now outed blogger.

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