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Let Dying Dogs Sleep

* Another renewal letter and another letter back with no $

Malcolm Brett,

I would first like to thank you for your recent letter explaining the reasoning behind WPT excluding Nelson Eisman from last year’s gubernatorial debates. I would however like to clarify one of the points you made.

I think it is a bit disingenuous to argue it was objective criteria that the Green Party was unable to meet. The fact is that Nelson Eisman met all your criteria except being over 10% in the polls. In addition the corporate media outlets that you aligned yourself with refused to include Eisman in any of their polling. As we both know Ed Thompson was polling at less than 2% prior to the 2002 debates. In 2006, one of the few polls that included Eisman had him as high as 4%.

WPT is a public television station that ought to be accountable to the people. Frankly, the message I received was that some of your viewers simply don’t matter. I was a viewer who votes just like any Republican or Democrat. When my candidate is censored, banned, and even arrested for assuming his rightful role in a democratic society your message of exclusion is heard loud and clear.

You are free to hide under your cloak of objectivity, transparency, and fairness. We both now it was wrong for WPT to sell out the people of Wisconsin to the corporate media’s endorsed candidates. This is last year’s debate, but I am sure you can understand why at this time I can not in good conscience renew my membership.

In addition to not renewing my membership, my family, as a matter of conscience, has stopped watching PBS. We have found other sources for news, British comedy, nature programs, and political commentary.

You end by stating my gift is important to you. I take you at your word on this and I will be watching closely in 08 and beyond to see if your deeds match your word.