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From Demopublican to Neo Liberal

Of course, by charting out a middle ground, the WHP risks being attacked by some on the left because it isn’t single payer and by some on the right because it involves government regulation of the health care market. In Effect

Hmm, I did read through the plan and it does nothing to solve our healthcare crisis. At best it recentralizes healthcare costs from the government to the private sector at the tax payers expense.

WHP has several purposes; decreasing costs, increasing coverage, and getting rid of the Medicaid deficit.

Currently, state government provides funding for Medicaid and BadgerCare from General
Purpose Revenue (GPR), which is used to leverage matching funding from the federal
government. Under this proposal, the GPR dollars currently provided by the state government for
“family”* Medicaid and BadgerCare are replaced by funding from the employer and employee

I smell a rat and wonder if this is Doylie’s preferred model. This certainly sounds like the funds transfer budgeting that Doylie is famous for. WHP even before getting the program established has spent the $10 million in Medicaid funding Wisconsin is currently accountable for. Except for an increase in the EIC the tax cuts are just more corporate give aways.  Lets increase the EIC but not this way. We certainly need decent healthcare in Wisconsin, but WHP is just one big corporate / government scam that will do nothing to decrease healthcare costs.