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How about Goodman School

Recently, we were offered that great possibility, along with a tremendous gift. We decided to accept it. So, the Atwood Community Center is becoming “The Irwin A. and Robert D. Goodman Community Center,” or more simply, “The Goodman Community Center. Source: Goodman Atwood Community Center – What’s New?

Grrr, this really gets my goat. The Goodmans about drove me nuts during the swimming pool fiasco. It went like this; the Goodman brothers donate money for a pool, the city looks at various sites, and then the Goodman brothers nudge the city- wink, wink – to their preferred location.

Now, a neighborhood center with a lot of working class history is changing its name because the Goodman brothers threw some some money their way. Now, I don’t hold it against them for wanting to give back to the community. That is certainly an obligation and right of their class and privilege. What really gets my goat is they need their frickin name on everything in this city.

Why stop at a pool or a community center, lets just name the new west side burb school the Goodman Institute of Learning, or something to that effect. We could go even further, I don’t know about you but the City of Madison, Village of Madison, and town of Madison gets all rather confusing. Why not just rename the whole frickin city Goodmanville or something.

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  1. jody

    Wow. This takes me back. When I was a kid Bob and Irv Goodman were Icons of Loserdom. Of a all the adult losers alive then (and there were many holdovers from the 50s still in play when I was young) the Goodmans stood ahead of the crowd, carved their own niche.

    Bob was a wooden dark-haired loser and Irv was a white haired black plastic glasses loser as I recall. All bases were covered.

    They had crappy crappy home-made commercials, with Bob being spokesmodel and ending with a – you guessed it – wooden smile. I think he had some brainstorm slogan like “When a diamond comes from Goodman’s, it’s got to be good”. You’d have to have 3 whole brain cells functioning to come up with that one. This was in the early 70s, they sponsored some late night TV thing I think. Or maybe I’m mixing them up with Ferdie’s Inferno. Another ugly guy with shitty sets, and a thing in a box – real Addams family rip-off. Showed Godzilla v. Godzuki and stuff like that. I’d sit in my friends basement watching and Dorito-binging (which I think were just invented then and seemd new and exciting) until I’d almost puke. Yup, it was a pretty full life.

    But if I still lived in Madison and was hearing about the Goodman Bros at every turn my head would explode. That just seems wrong somehow. Aren’t they dead yet?

  2. jody

    Yup – just looked it up. Doritos introduced 1972.

  3. jody

    OMG – now I just nostalgia-tripped to the JMM website. Mr. Kolbe is still alive too and the school map is almost identical. Too amazing. I wonder if the B-wing girls bathroom doors are still always ripped off the hinges and if the “Independence Requires Self-Discipline” slogan is till over the stairs….

  4. Not yet, but that seems to be their motivation, that someone remembers them after their passing.

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