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The Greenspan Principle

King George’s last State of the Union included a provision that solved our health care crisis by taxing health care benefits. In the last week or so Cheddarhead Neo Crybabies have been rallying against sick leave benefits in both the public and private sector. Rock Netroots and Jef4wi both have interesting rebuttals to this.

What is the Greenspan Principle, you ask. The other day I was watching C-Span or something like that and Greenspan came on talking about trade, capitalism and other good stuff. He began by saying that capitalism as a system while good has one important defect. Wealth tends to become concentrated at the top and many do not enjoy the fruits of our economic system. I listened in, but he was going somewhere totally different than I was expecting.

He went on to say we must increase the skilled workers from abroad to equalize this income disparity. As more workers from abroad become integrated into our economic system, the wage disparities will equalize and capitalism will be better off for it.

I have said it before and I’ll say it again, we have a class not a cultural war in this country. The Democrats won congress in great part because of the new populist wing. They have even frustrated Congressman Rangel because they’re not ready to make nice. However, these new populists are the exception and not the rule.

The Democrats have left this enormous vacuum that needs to be filled and the Republicans are more than willing to abide. The Neo Crybaby class war, like the cultural one, will be reactionary rather than structural. It will not attempt to change the nature of the beast, but only make it stronger. Today, it is sick leave that is on the chopping block. The wealthy according to the Greenspan Principle are those of us in unions or other family supporting jobs.

If the Democrats were smart they would take this issue head on. Yes, there is great disparity between the benefits of those in a union and those not in one. That is why its is essential for the U.S. Senate to get off their asses and pass the Employee Free Choice Act. Yes, there is a great disparity between union jobs that have pro family sick leave policies, and the draconian policies in the private sector. The state should follow Madison’s lead and pass a state wide sick leave bill that guarantees every worker in Wisconsin a basic level of sick days.


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  1. jody

    Right at this moment here in Eau Claire there is a Healthcare meeting/listening seesion at the Tech College. Kathleen Vinehout, who won on a one-issue Healthcare campaign and some other out of area guy.

    Citizen Action came to town in time to run a parallel healthcare issue campaign which benefitted Vinehout mightily.

    Citizen Action is contuing to work hand-in-glove-ish with Vinehout apparently. They had a training session for “citizens” (chorus-line locals recruited to sing on cue), and have distributed talking points in advance of the forum, so that the little locals will all be dancing in step should the local media show up.
    So it will look like a groundswell of local outrage and eager input, but aside from the few unscheduled folks that will wander in to babble off-script, it’s all as orchestrated as those Bush appearnces used to be, but worse in a way because it will look like The People are speaking out in a spirit of deomcracy.

    In reality, a PAC and 2 politicians are manipulating the system to their own ends. I was interested the other day at your remarks that the new healthcare plan will not benefit the masses, but merely shift profits to a different group. A group that I can assume is a heavy donor to the Dem party, thus explaning the big push. Oddly, since Eau Claire is really not a political hotbed – very very little activity – any behavior is easier to see, it deosn’t fade into the background political noise but sticks out like a sore thunb. So it seems to be a very obvious attempt around here to set the healthcare stage, the ground is being primed, it is not a genuine uprising of people interested in an issue. So naturally it makes me very curious. Wages are extremely low around here with quite few employers overall. IMHO if you asked the REAL people what their main worry is it would be jobs/wages FIRST then beneifts too. which as yousay sucks the wad for the private sector. But I think wages are the biggest problem for this entire part of the state, has been for years. No one talks wages, because the PAC likes healthcare, not wages.

    Anyway If you’re of a mind – and you think you can tell where this money river will flow to, further posts on that would be really interesting.

    BTW – How might a wealthy Milwaukee developer benefit from a change in healthcare system? It wouldn’t require new facilities building would it? I mean a big bucks firm who does specialize in healthcare facilities building – big huge things, why would they care? It’s not going to be social responsibility I’m sure. Can’t really make the connection on that one. If you have an idea you can mail me at “jody2atthesidesstreetdotcom”

    other than that I’m freakin’ sick of politics/corruption.

  2. Well actually what I was trying to get at was the plan, HSA based, aimed to decrease costs, increase health care access, and fix Medicaid deficit, but really would only do something about the latter.

    It would use a health care tax to cover the states current expenses with Medicaid / badger care and use the money for tax cuts.

    I tend to see health care / wages as generally related. For a long time I though the state should do it because the Feds are so political and corrupt, and now I am not even so sure about the state.

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