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Supreme Court – NOTA?

A little more than a week to go and it looks like I’ll have to get my NOTA pen out. The Democratic bloggers are still trying to master Roveian electioneering. They have got the attack part down but entirely forgot how to define their own candidate.

One has to wonder who they think their choir is. I can’t imagine too many democratic bloggers voting for Ziegler anyway. Maybe if they are lucky they can suppress a few conservative voters who are surfing by the liberal side of the blogosphere. I may just be old fashion but I need something to vote for not just negative character assassinations.  

Right now the only thing I know for sure about Clifford is she is tight with Doyle.  That does not get one many points in my book.  In the next week in a half I challenge Democratic bloggers to make the case for Clifford. It seems to me if Clifford can’t make the case for being a Supreme Court Justice prior to the election, she will not be a progressive justice after she gets elected.