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Spring Break Endorsements

So often politics is framed as lessor evilism, but then as Ralph said last night you always end up with evil. For me a vote is an affirmation not a negation. The politics of x is worser than y, just makes our politics worser and worser each election cycle. While many electoral reforms take time and the involvement of government, NOTA can be done by anyone, anywhere, and at anytime.  

Mayor: NOTA. My step father recently said he’ll vote for Dave because he’s been OK. I will mark in NOTA for roughly the same reasons. The recycle containers are nice, but intercity rail is a stupid idea. He stepped up for the livable wage but was luke warm on sick leave. He has not kept the dialogue going with progressives on the council, and has unnecessarily cut bus service and raised prices. He’s been OK, could have been worse, but definitely a lot better. In either case not good enough to earn my vote.

Alder District 6: Marsha Rummel. Marsha was a founding member of Progressive Dane, and has been endorsed by both the Four Lakes Green Party and the Wisconsin State Journal. I am very excited about the possibility of Marsha Rummel representing me on the council.

School Board Seat 3: Beth Moss. Beth has been endorsed by the Capital Times, Progressive Dane, Brenda Konkel and Shwaw Vang. Moss’ two top priorities are class size and competitive wages. Those two are winners in my book.

School Board District 4: NOTA. While both Progressive Dane and MTI endorsed Johnny Winston in the general election, he has not earned another term. MTI was wise not to endorse him in the primary and should have followed suit in the general election. When Johnny Winston makes threats such as,

 The teachers union is going to have to look at different ways of doing things, otherwise we’re all going to inevitably die

he has left the progressive fold and become teacher enemy number 1. He was not very forthcoming in the MTI interview, and he gave me the run around with his position on teacher health care.

School Board Seat 5: Marjorie Passman. Marjorie has been endorsed by Progressive Dane, MTI, Bert Zipperer, and Brenda Konkel. Majorie also stated in an MTI interview that health insurance should be mutually selected through the collective bargaining process and is in support of smaller class sizes.

Supreme Court Justice: NOTA? I’m am still waiting for a why to Clifford. You could say I’m on the fence, but if all Clifford can do is attack Zeigler she will not earn my vote.

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  1. Peter

    Marj Passman and Beth Moss have also been endorsed by the Dane County Democratic Party.

    While I certainly can’t claim to know exactly how much you have looked into Linda Clifford and her candidacy, my gut is that either a) you didn’t look very far or b) you heard the hype about her being someone connected to Doyle and thought she was ‘one of those’ Democrats and tossed her aside, and that’s why you don’t think you can vote for her yet.

    If you did look in deeply, perhaps you missed a career of hers spent working to make the law work for people – from environmental and consumer protection issues to immigration and human rights cases to everything in between. She’s a good (political) liberal – and her judicial philosophy, about the only things candidates can say about themselves besides “experience” in these races, can easily be described as liberal. And as long as experience came up, she’s argued cases in front of the Supreme Court.

    This is one of those races that really matter – the State Supreme Court determines whether or not our state can retain some progressive character and perhaps even advance it, or if corporate power and radical forces will have the opportunity to block any kind of positive legislative action and roll back protections and positive government.

    Not voting in a race like this is abdicating one’s values – there is no ‘compromise’ with a candidate like Linda Clifford. She’s about as good a candidate as what a Wisconsin progressive can hope for on the court because she is such a wonderful candidate.

  2. Peter,

    It is not so much about being in the know as the case being made. I have not heard one ad about consumer protection or the environment.

    I could care less about her philosophy, but what I am concerned about is how she’d rule on civil liberties, consumer protection, and labor law.

    As I said I’m on the fence, if Clifford and Democratic bloggers can make the case for her she’ll get my support. At this time the case has not been made.

    This is simply about saving you guys from yourself. If you want a progressive justice you gotta run one. You can’t just Kerry this one and expect to win. I don’t sell or give away votes, they must be earned.

  3. Babblemur


    I respect your position on Clifford, I hope you know that.

    I’m voting for Linda Clifford, and encouraging others to do so, because I feel that she would be a good State Supreme Court Justice – fair, just, and progressive in outlook. Her opponent, Ziegler, is a right wing zealot funded by the children of Satan. She needs to be kept off the supreme court if at all possible.

    While I am working to help get Tony Palmeri elected to the Oshkosh Common Council, I am going to take a few hours this weekend to drop lit for Linda Clifford. I think it is that important.

    And you know I’m Green as grass.

  4. I voted for her in the primary. I am frustrated that not one Democratic blogger or Clifford herself has made a case to vote for her. I know Zeigler is a right wing wench, I knew that before the primary.

    Since the Dems are incapable of arguing on her behalf, what do you think the case for Clifford is other than she is not worser than Zeigler.

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