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A Horse Trade

While I still would like to hear a solid argument for Clifford, an endorsement by Babblemur does carry some weight. Here’s the deal I will vote for Clifford if someone out there will make a commitment to vote for Vicky in the 15th.

While I don’t live in the 15th I do work there, and in the spirit of compromise and all, I would trade a vote of Selkowe for Clifford. Now I know, Vicky being endorsed by Progressive Dane is a real turn off but hear me out. Folkbum went to school with Vicky so in a way it would be like doing a favor for him. And if that is not reason enough the Democratic Party of Dane County is running phone banks on behalf of Larry Palm her libertarian opponent.

So here’s the deal if you live in the 15th and bloggy swear to vote for Vicky, I ‘ll vote for Clifford next Tuesday. Geeze, this compromise stuff isn’t too bad.


2 responses to “A Horse Trade

  1. Peter ⋅

    I’ll be out working for Vicky on election day.

    But that alone shouldn’t get you voting for Linda Clifford.

  2. What is troubling is I thought that would be a no brainer, but at least one Dane Dem is voting for the libertarian candidate. My understanding is that Vicky is the endorsed Dem in the race.

    I am still on the fence. My union gave her over $8000 which I’d like to think means something.

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