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Isthmus veers Right

But then maybe its always been there. In particular, Jason Shepard, certainly seems to be on the war path against MTI. How one can be pro-education or pro-kids but then be anti-teachers is beyond me.

The latest was a piece on helping poor children achieve. That’s a worthwhile goal, one that all teachers share. Jason, why does Friday the 13th come to mind, rant is that the district and MTI are dragging their feet and apposed to real reform. That damn kid hating, self loathing teachers union does not want our four year olds to go to kindergarten.

It is more than interesting that for the last few years MMSD with MTI’s blessing has been running K Ready programs on their summer school sites. These K Ready programs have been highly successful and have received local media attention. One would think if your goal was 4K or giving students in poverty of leg up for Kindergarten this would have been included in your article. The fact is Jason is more concerned with union bashing than helping children in poverty.

Jason quotes Dorthy Conniff who makes it seem like its one big power grab,

Madison has a fabulous child-care program, and we could do this together. All it would take is for people to put their egos behind them and really think about the needs of young children, and to work hard to make it happen.

What Dorthy is really talking about is implementing school choice and the privatization of MMSD. So if MTI and MMSD are motivated by a power grap what is Dorthy’s motivation.

For starters, it would bring money into Madison’s chronically underfunded child-care programs.

So MMSD, is the savior of Madison childcare. Why isn’t Dorthy Conniff banging on Mayor Dave’s door. There is nothing stopping the city from putting more money into childcare except changing priorities.

MTI has long been supportive of a 4K partnership with one stipulation

We’ve got no problem with it as long as they’re MMSD employees,” says Matthews, which he says would ensure “quality control” and “high standards.

That seems perfectly reasonable to me. The partnership should not be an excuse to use childcare centers for privatization and union busting. Where there certainly seems to room for a partnership is on the childcare end. A partnership in which a child goes to 4K for part of the day and child care for the rest. Under such a model the children may change through out the day, but the available spots remain stable.


6 responses to “Isthmus veers Right

  1. Ed Blume ⋅

    This post shows the typical knee-jerk reaction to any hint of disagreement with MTI and the MMSD administration, i.e., dismiss the person by slapping him or her with a disparaging label.

  2. Wow, Ed Blume from NeoCrybaby School Info System. The honor is all mine.

    Its fine for you to push ReadingNot and use fuzzy math like comparing a 15,000 MMSD sample to a 15 student out in the sticks sample, but then I am the one with a knee jerk reaction.

    Just for the record I have a lot of disagreements with MMSD, but pushing programs that only teach children to hate learning is not one of them.

  3. Nice piece. This is just one of many examples of the bias and ignorance in the Itshmus coverage of MMSD.

    The latest is the chart of endorsements in last Thursday’s. Marjorie Passman was endorsed by the Dane County Democrats, but somehow that information failed to “make the paper.” Marj also got the nod from the TAA, SCFL and Democracy for Wisconsin, none of which are included.

    This town deserves better.

  4. As far as the Dane county Democrats its this little game the Dems and the Journal plays. They rarely will refer to one as a Dem if s/he has a PD or Green endorsement. That is even the more interesting since over 80% of PD members are also Democratic Party members.

    Isthmus’ education writer is very anti MTI if not always anti MMSD. Ed Blume tends to like their coverage, need I say more.

    Good luck on the AMPS blog.

  5. Thanks for the good wishes.

    Just to clarify, the chart was in the Isthmus (which does seem to read like the Journal).

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