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Spring Endosements

This is just a quick rundown of my endorsements for Tuesday. For more of a rationale of these choices see this post from last week.

Mayor: NOTA.

Alder District 6: Marsha Rummel.

School Board Seat 3: Beth Moss.

School Board District 4: NOTA.

School Board Seat 5: Marjorie Passman.

Supreme Court Justice: NOTA.

In all honesty I was serious about being on the fence with Clifford. I voted for her in the primary and was planning to do so in the general. I had hoped she would define herself more than in the primary. The fact that Democratic bloggers and Clifford herself went negative on Ziegler rather than defining Clifford was a deciding factor. In addition Clifford’s own literature and this quote from Clifford was a big turnoff.

“it would have been easy to run positive ads if I had that kind of financial backing,” as Ziegler, who has poured more than $300,000 of her own money into the campaign and has received hundreds of thousands of dollars in support from the state’s big-business lobby.

While that it certainly true it is not an excuse. Clifford and her family put in over $200,000 of their own money. MTI alone gave over $8,000 to Clifford which was matched by WEAC.

The point is that if Clifford and her Democratic posse wanted to run a positive (at least on their end) issue driven campaign they could have. This was a strategic not a financial decision and it is dishonest to portray it any other way.

While Ziegler does not deserve a seat on the Supreme Court or any court in this state for that matter, that by default does not earn Clifford my vote. I refuse to vote the evil of two lessors which is what it would be if I voted for Clifford. If Clifford had spent energy defining herself rather than digging up dirt on Ziegler I would have voted for her with a clear conscience. In other words the politics of personal destruction has consequences.