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Dane Dems Unite to Elect Libertarian

As Brenda pointed out some time ago while the Dane County Democratic membership chose not to endorse anyone for the 15th, the leadership began working behind the scenes to elect libertarian Larry Palm. It looks like all that phone banking paid off,

District 15 Alder Larry Palm looks to have won reelection on the east side over lawyer and neighborhood activist Vicky Selkowe. PD had poll-watchers out and they report a 1,560-1,108 win for Palm. Cap Times

Democrats feel insulted when you vote Green or PD over the Democratic candidate but when given a chance they can’t resist voting down the PD candidate. I guess this just goes to show you that when a Democrat has a choice etween a libertarian and a progressive they chose the libertarian.


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  1. Peter

    I have to counter this. Vicky was a tremendous candidate. She was up against a lot more than the Dane Dems. In fact, had you been an attendee at the endorsement meeting in January, you would know that Vicky came the closest of any of the dual Dem/PD candidates to overturn the (legitimate) standing rules on endorsing candidates who are endorsed by another party (of those who did not overturn the rule, including school-board candidate Beth Moss, 4th district alder Mike Verveer, and a couple of others – not including Satya Rhodes-Conway, who earned an endorsement from the Dems after the primary). The vote for overturning the standing rule failed by a handful of votes from the membership – and we are a membership-directed party (at least in name, if not always in deed). And when the motion was made to endorse Larry Palm, it failed overwhelmingly – he pulled maybe 25% of the votes.

    Simply put, the Dane Dems as an organization did not play in the 15th. Conspicuously so, even in not endorsing or supporting Larry Palm – a candidate endorsed and supported by the Dems in 2005. Some individual members and leaders of the party supported Larry – but they did so as just that, individuals. And it was certainly within their perogative to do so.

    As a Democrat, I supported Vicky. But the party, the local one at least, and the state party support is still under ‘question,’ did not work to elect Larry Palm.

    While I am saddened greatly by Vicky’s loss, I don’t think that it was the Dane Dems that caused this loss to happen. If you’re going to badmouth the Dane Dems, at least have your story right on the facts.

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  3. Peter,

    Are you saying none of those calls came from members of Dane County Dems. They were only from the state Dems outside of Dane County.

    As you pointed our Vicky had a much larger base of support from the Dane Dem membership than Palm. I think this makes my point all the more.

    I am not a Dem and probably never will be. It still makes me sad when the will of the people is suppressed. The question remains why were calls made on behalf of Palm in the name of Democratic Party of Wisconsin. Either way you look at it, its bad. Either Dane County Dems went against the membership will or you had state hacks ignoring the wishes of the Dane County Dems.

  4. Peter

    Actually, you might be right on both counts there in the last paragraph.

    But my point is not that “Phone-bank-gate,” if it was a ‘-gate’ elected Larry Palm. A 60-40 result does not come from a phone-bank of a couple nights, no matter if Larry’s use of the party infrastructure was out of line or not. And to that end as well, Democrats did not beat Vicky Selkowe. There were far more things at work here than that. Larry was a fairly popular incumbent, by virtue of the fact that to “average” voters, his failures as an alder are not that big of a deal. While I would say that they are, not everyone is paying attention; those that are do not necessarily think about a larger picture; and those that are paying serious attention make up too small a part of the electorate to matter often-times.

    Vicky had a tough case to make. It’s not an issue of whether or not she made that case well or if the Dane Dems beat her. She made a great case and was a great candidate. And the local party did not come to play. This was just a tough race to take on.

  5. I agree on both points. I know it seemed there were a lot of Palm signs out there.

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