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.500 for you Baseball Fans

Latest Press Release
April 04, 2007

Seven out of fourteen Green Party candidates win elections throughout Wisconsin

Twenty-two Green elected officials serve in Wisconsin.

Last night, seven more Green candidates for local offices were elected throughout Wisconsin, bringing the total of Wisconsin Green elected officials to twenty-two.

Pete Karas, endorsed by the Kenosha/Racine Green Party, won re-election in a tight race for alderperson in District 9 of the Racine Common Council.

Four out of five Green women candidates, all endorsed by Four Lakes Green Party, won seats on the Madison Common Council. Brenda Konkel, who ran unopposed for re-election, Satya Rhodes-Conway, Robbie Webber, and Marsha Rummel were all victorious on April 3rd. �The Madison�s sixth district overwhelmingly showed support for progressive and green values, said Rummel.

“I’m honored and look forward to serving the next 2 years. My priorities are affordable housing, water quality, jobs that support families, and government that supports the people.�

Tony Palmeri, endorsed by the Lake Winnebago Green Party, came in second out of 6 candidates running for 3 seats, earning a place on the Oshkosh Common Council. This is a victory for the Green agenda – open government, and social and economic justice, which were the themes of my campaign, said Palmeri. Oshkosh voters made it clear they want a progressive, forward looking council.

Amy Heart, endorsed by the Portage County Green Party, won her race for Stevens Point Common Council.

Last night’s seven victorious candidates join the fifteen Wisconsin Green elected officials below:

John Hardin, Board of Supervisors, District 1 (Barron County)
Kyle Richmond, Board of Supervisors District 27 (Dane County)
John Hendrick, Board of Supervisors District 6 (Dane County)
Ashok Kumar, Board of Supervisors, District 5 (Dane County)
Barbara Vedder, Board of Supervisors, District 2 (Dane County)
Robert Ryan, Board of Supervisors, District 3 (Door County)
Bob Browne, Board of Supervisors, District 20 (Douglas County)
David Conley, Board of Supervisors, District 5 (Douglas County)
Greg David, Board of Supervisors, District 3 (Jefferson County)
Jeff Peterson, Board of Supervisors, District 5 (Polk County)
Eric Krszjzaniek, Board of Supervisors, District 11 (Portage County)
John O. Rendall, Board of Supervisors, District 19 (Portage County)
Ben Farrell, Board of Supervisors, District 16 (Winnebago County)
Robert Stockinger, Village Trustee, Hales Corner (Milwaukee County)
JoEllen Gramling, Town Clerk of Schleswig (Manitowoc County)

Ruth Weill Co-Chair, Wisconsin Green Party, 414 350-2107
Ron Hardy, Co-chair, Wisconsin Green Party, 920-292-8129,

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2 responses to “.500 for you Baseball Fans

  1. jody

    I can see you are okay with party affiliations in non-partisan races. I still see that as a problem. Maybe someday people outside of Eau Claire will see what I have tried (and obviously failed) to make as a point.

    Here is how it went in E.C.
    The Dems came out very cionfident that they could commandeer the race. They got a fair amount of negativity re: opartisan intrusion. 3 of the non-Dem candidates formed an informal campaign group. They advertized “Non-PAC, Non-partisan” repeatedly. Kept hammering on that idea.
    The local Dems got some crap for their tactics and freaked, many members backed off of it. Didn’t like the negative reactions.

    The Anti- party “informal group” that stuck together all three of them won. The Dems were shut out – but came in second.

    Dead last behind both the original Dem group and the opposition group that formed was THE ONE GUY who refused to form affiliations, join a group or seek out group endorsements. He ran on the idea that a guy with good ideas should be able to run in his home town without a lot of money or affiliations and ass-kissing. The old-fashioned way. People got really mad at him.

    So you can be happy that Greens won in non-partisan elections, But I still think this is a bad idea. To be out front with party membership in races that are non-partisan.
    It would be nice if advancing party image was not so important in each instance. This is why I will never join a party – even if Jesus comes back and forms a party. They own you, and you have to sell them at every opportunity. You cannot question them openly. It fosters groupthink and insincerity, people swallow back their ideas and remarks in favor of what they IMAGINE their pals want to hear.
    Nope, I just don’t like parties in all occasions.

    Do you realize I cannot think of another blogger besides me who is NOT actively promoting a party or PAC? Not one person who will haul off and just say whatever they think, but always tempers their speech with thoughts of how it will reflect on their Team. I realize that people have a sense of belonging that I do not have. A sense of victory and accomplishment when their team does well. Hard work paying off and all. I understand that, but still, I think something is lost. So much competition, so sports-like as you pointed out in your title. Or maybe I am just pouting because I still feel like I am in gym class. Why can’t somebody else hate gym class too? :)

    It’s nothing personal.
    You know – Stew R used to laugh about people who are ultimate losers and bring up the Framers all the time. But we’ll never get that now – a bunch of people with ideas sitting around and authentically hammering out solutions. Probably fought like cats and dogs, but they didn’t have goddam agendas. They weren’t shackled by invisible ties to this clique or that posse. Lacking prepared talking points, those bastards had to reach inside and see what they could come up with. Nothing like what we have now,
    oh well

  2. Jody,

    My problem with non-partisan is that its a myth. I will give a few examples in Rock County races are non-partisan – no party involvement. What they do have is plenty of corporate / business front party groups. In Madison the so called independent voices actually received large chunks of money from realtors out of town. In other communities non-partisan simply reinforces the dominant party if its Democrats or Republicans. My criticism is its false advertisement.

    Most stay away from local races because its difficult to judge candidates. They often sound very much a like while running yet rule in very different ways. Parties can serve a vital function of a gauge of how one will rule once in office.

    What I think is good about non-partisan races is the lack of a party primary. There may be a primary but not based on party affiliation. The solution to a dominant political party is more parties not baning them. To ban them only reproduces the existing power relations that all ready exist in economic life.

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