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Its Screw you Time in the City

Here is another news item that has gotten some traction in left of center newsgroups and blogs but little in the liberal media or Democratic blogosphere. Its the answer to the what’s next question of downsizing and outsourcing. Its that next level good ole Greenspan was talking about. The problem of capitalism, Greenspan would argue, is its unequal distribution of wages. Wages are unequally concentrated in the west with high wages and benefits. The goal of Capitalism 10.0 is to equalize that unfair distribution. Circuit City has heard the battle cry and is ready to fight.

Confused, don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s the story. Circuit City is planning to fire 3,500 or more of its employees and hire them back at minimum wage. Capitalism 10.0, how do you like me now? Sharon Smith really hits the nail on the head. At the same time Circuit City feels some intrinsic need to screw its employees in the name of competition its paying CEO’s $10,000,000 salaries. Sharon is also right in that the employees are guinea pigs, and how government and consumers react will determine future actions on its 40,000 strong labor force.

I for one am saying Screw You Circuit City. The next time I need a cell phone, wide screen TV, camcorder, digital camera I will not be going to Circuit City. For the record I have purchased all those items at Circuit City in the last 5 years. There are several ways to let Circuit City know you feel.

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