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Welcome Back Thompson

It looks like the Democratic blogosphere is full of love for their fall gal. Personally I am glad she was set free. The 7th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals was correct in that doing what your boss tells you is not against the law. I have to admit at the time I assumed she was a relative of this Thompson, or this Thompson, or even this Thompson and therefore was probably guilty. This was clearly a case a mistaken identity or at least guilt by association, and for that I am sorry.

I am sure, as the Democratic bloggers have made perfectly clear, that the Bush hack is partisan as hell, but so what.  It was the jury who was fed up with all the corruption coming out of the Doyle administration. They unfairly pinned this on a civil servant who was trying to make her boss happy. If we look at Doyle’s corruption history from having inside deals with energy corporations, to Travelgate,  and more recently Troha, he has turned Wisconsin government into one big whorehouse.

Today the JS Online had this to say,

OK, Governor. Tired of folks, the media included, noting that people who contribute often benefit? Tired of people drawing unwarranted conclusions from the indictment of a Kenosha businessman who might benefit if you view with favor a casino deal he was involved in? The businessman is accused of laundering contributions to your campaign through family members.

JS Online’s solution is public financing of campaigns. I am fine with this as long as there are tough criminal prosecutions for donors and recipients alike. I certainly do not fall into the group who believe Doyle is a victim corrupted by an evil system.

Tony probably said it best in his response to Jef’s apology request.

I think the person who most needs to apologize to Georgia Thompson is Jim Doyle. He came to office promising to clean up politics in Madison, yet made it abundantly clear early in his administration that politics as usual were going to be the order of the day. If Georgia Thompson had steered state business to Adelman Travel during the reign of a Republican governor, you’d be the first one to smell and expose the rat.


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  1. xoff

    There is, of course. NO evidence that she was “doing what her boss told her.” Or that it would have been illegal even if that were true.

    Hard for you to accept, but the three Republican-appointed judges ordered her freed because no one had done anything wrong.

    And the sanctimonious newspaper you quote is the one whose biased reporting on the subject started the chain of events that ruined Georgia Thompson’s life.

  2. xoff,

    I agree. In the end it was the boss who committed crimes against the people of Wisconsin. I will be clear it matters not one bit to me if there is a technical relationship between large campaign contributions and state decisions and policies. The crimes against the people of Wisconsin is taking the money in the first place. What we do agree on is Thompson was a fall gal for corrupt politicians. We probably disagree on who those politicians are.

  3. jody

    Nate, it’s all of them.
    There is overwhelming evidence (for God’s sake – isn’t there?) from personal experiences we have to the biggest news stories, that NO ONE gets far in politics today if they do not indicate a willingness to play by the existing rules. And those rules are the unofficial ones I refer too, what Losers Who Should ShutUp would call Corruption.

    That corruption is accepted and even of actual enjoyment (I find this a strange phenomenon – Zimbardo needs to analyze THIS) .

    Just off the top of my head I offer a few quotes from among our “peers” as evidence of this situation/beleif system.

    1.) My all-time favorite Quote of Weirdness In P0litics I saw on the Paul Soglin site. It followed his plea for election donations during some race or other. Paraphrasing but close –

    “The best remark about campaign donation comes from Folkbum who says on his blog ‘ yell like hell for campaign finance reform, but until that happens GIVE TILL IT HURTS’ ”

    Wow, this is the most convoluted “logic”. The “yelling” for reform in this scenario is reduced to mere lip service, a facade to pacify pissed-off-voters. Which of course is exactly what we DO have. And all the while, The Faithful continue to bring sacrifces to the Altar. But in this view there is NO motivation for change what-so-ever. I guess this view implies the Fairy Godmother is going to wave her wand. Some outside force is certainly implied, no indication if any personal responsibility or anything from those participants. It just somehow will Happen. But until then – YEEEE- Haaaaa

    My second memory involves, oddly the same guy. But this time paired with The Boots and Sabers Guy – Owen. Just as a side note, this Owen guy (in this age of extreme polarization and vilification of The Other) is NOT a total moron. I know young people who routinely refer to conservatives as “fascists” and that is unfortunate and in many cases not at all correct. On several issues I find “we” all are not that far apart as the Limbaighs and O’Reillys would have us beleive. It’s funny. But anyway –

    The video for the last Blog “Summit” has a point in it where Jay Who-zit and Owen Boots are chuckling about “corruption”. They are kind of laughing about people who are Noobs enough to not just “get” that politicians grant favors to donors and whatever else we Dork Noobs are raving about. The sound is bad, and the event is not very lively anyway. I meant to go back and write down the EXACT remarks but never did. It’s something like that though. It really was a revelatory moment I thought. Again – lip service, no motivation to change, condescention to outsider losers who don’t play right.

    Personally, all the folks I know who were Big Outsiders and Revolutionaries, played that Outsider Card just long enough to Get In and are now the biggest hacks you wanna (in my case – don’t wanna) see. It’s FUN, to bend/break the rules. It’s like playing G.I. Joe in the backyards or something. Video games. It gives a sense of excitment and there is NOTHING more addictive than the idea of power. NOBODY who is participating now really wants to change this. It’s too fun.

    That is what I truly beleive – I didn’t used to -and it comes from pure experience alone. I repeatedly have had situations where I admired someone as an ethical leader and experience HUGE disillusionment as I saw them at closer range. The amount of butt-F*cking of people that goes on even at the county level and even amongst your “fellow warriors” is amazing. Everyone just wants to Get There.

    There 3 guys who I think could have held their ethics but each of them have been edged out by party players who had hand-picked another person who they felt were a more proven commodity. Someone who would not do some random “now, wait a minute” kind of thing and throw the whole train off the tracks.

    Nate – really – every goddam one of ’em.

    Georgia is my mom, Tommy is my dad and Uncle Fred is, um, my uncle. We are all going to church tomorrow and then on to brunch. Where we will plot world domination over quiche and Jesus. I’m just playing the Outsider Card long enough to become first Empress of the United States. Off with their heads.

    I will have the East Wing filled with shoes. For some reason crazy megalomanics collect shoes, it seems obligatory so I’d best get over to Payless. later.

  4. Yes, the arms race is interesting indeed. Its more of a chess game or war where the emphasis is on strategy not if you should be playing the game in the first place.

    See I agree with Buckley that property is speech. If that is true every dollar is a vote granted and likewise taken away. If one of Doyle’s buddies votes 40,000 times here 20,000 times there, they are taking votes away from the people of Wisconsin. In short it is treason, or crimes against the people of WI, and nothing less.

    The Dems all speaking in choir – check out WisPolitics – take aim at the prosecutor while being partisan as hell had little to do with sending her to jail. The truth of the matter is it was the progressive end (AG, DA, Jury) that wanted to make a statement to Doyle and his cronies outside of the ballot box.

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