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Shockingly Hypocritical

Well said by Bill Lueders. I imagine the same could be said of the Democratic bloggers.  Funny, last year they could have cared less about Georgia Thompson and now they can’t talk about anything else.

Doyle Now: He angrily lashed out at the media for sensationalizing the case. He called Thompson’s conviction “a terrible injustice,” proclaiming her “an innocent woman who was imprisoned for more than four months just for doing her job.” He said she had been used as “a political football.”

Doyle Then: It is clear that Georgia Thompson acted on her own, and that no other state employee was involved,” Doyle said following her conviction. “As
I have stated before, I have zero tolerance for ethical lapses in government. When public servants abuse the public’s trust, they forfeit their rights to continue in the state’s employ.

Doyle and his Democratic posse should be ashamed of themselves. They left a state worker out to dry when she was an inconvenience to a corrupt governor, and now make her a hero because she works to his advantage.

So no, the Democratic blogosphere should not be applauded for staying on message. They should be ashamed for being shockingly hypocritical.


7 responses to “Shockingly Hypocritical

  1. Care to share any examples of Dem bloggers who hung Thompson out to dry?

  2. I did! Didn’t I?

    Upon further review, I made a point of not caring until the very end of the trial, and then only to examine the political consequences. So I guess I didn’t.

    But I have made a point of steering clear of this past week’s Georgia circle-jerk. Nate, does that mean I win your next Not-A-Demowhore Award?

  3. I was thinking of you mainly, others joined in to.

    Read through your old posts, you certainly did not have the zeal for Thompson that you do now. You were much more concerned with how this would impact your boy in the mansion and his upcoming election.

    I will give you that this was all about politics with the Republicans – she was friendly fire – but not any less so than from the Democrats.

    The people – the jury – were sending a message about corruption. Sadly, Thompson rather than Doyle experienced the consequence of this message.

    The whole thing worked as an advantage for Doyle by taking corruption out of the election. It really would not have been good for him if Thompson went free.

  4. You’re right Dave. You did not feed into the frenzy this week. An anti-Demowhore is actually they Proletariat of the Month. That would tough one with all your comments about MTI and all.

  5. So it wasn’t that Dem bloggers hung Georgia out to dry, it’s that they didn’t challenge her conviction strongly enough before it was overturned on appeal?

    For the record, though, on March 2 I wrote: “I have a lot less sympathy for Troha than others who have been yanked into partisan battles through little to no fault of their own (e.g., Georgia Thompson, who’s now in the midst of an 18 month prison sentence while legislators in schemes like the caucus scandal are let off with probation or a few measly months in work release).”

    And I also wrote last September: “I don’t think Thompson believed she was doing anything wrong. Her actions weren’t egregious enough to undoubtedly point to a broader conspiracy, despite how ominous ‘rigging the bidding’ sounds.”

  6. But that’s pretty much the same thing.

    It might surprise you but I agree with Soglin. Alderman travel should have got the bid in the first place, not because they were or weren’t the lowest, but because they are located in Wisconsin. All state contracts should go to homegrown businesses first.

    Thompson went down because of crimes against the people. That’s unfair because it was Doyle who accepted the Alderman bribe.

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