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Imused to Death

I’m Imused as hell and I can’t take it anymore. I am sure we could find an SS soldier or two who would say Hitler was a wonderful host. What the hell does niceness or ones charities have to with it anyway. JFC, the chattering class has been at it all week. The latest HuffPo began whining how Imus helped autistic children. And then there’s Imus’ I am really a good guy. Well, I don’t give a crap.

Most wife beaters are overall good guys, most child molesters have a genuine love of children, and most mobsters have strong extended families, but so what. That is frickin irrelevant. Why does the chattering class believe one of their own should have a different set of standards. Yes, Imus’ rallied against the Patriot Act and the war but why should that have bearing on his racist rant.

That is not really what’s troubling me about this whole Imus affair. What really troubles me is how his hair changed color. The first video is his racist rant where his hair looks a dirty water brown (listen for the fag out comment at the end), and the second on Sharpton’s show where his hair is winter white.