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Bio This!

Is ethanol, biodiesel the wave of the future?  I wonder.

Many of us have heard of the recent milk price increases because of ethanol production. Is it a good policy to have corn for fuel directly competing with corn for food. This is something that has always made me a little uneasy about ethanol. But its good for farmers, right?

A Wisconsin dairy producer is suing to try to block an ethanol plant from moving in next door, saying the pollution would contaminate its nutritional supplements. Cap Times

What I am more concerned about is biodiesel. It was recently mentioned that Madison schools should convert all their buses to biodiesel. I initially thought hey that’s the ticket to our $10,000,000 state underfunding. But, in the last week I read a very disturbing piece in the Progressive Populist.

It turns out these biodiesel production facilities are harvested by nearby CAFO’s. Sounds save enough but it stands for Confined Animal Feeding Operations. The bio is not not corn, vegetable oil, but turkey carcases.

But for raw ingredients, the Carthage biodiesel uses turkey carcasses harvested from nearby poultry Confined Animal Feeding Operations, or CAFOs. These CAFOs are creating their own problems in the odor department, and other problems by creating antibiotic-resistant bacteria that have rendered most common antibiotics useless in our human hospitals.

As Margot points out we are entering Generation 2 of biodiesel. Certainly not the pretty picture you see on T.V.  Yes, I know it sounds like something from the Matrix or should I say the Meatrix.

So, looking for a new “feed stock,” the wizards figured out that
dead critters can also be squeezed for oil. And, since dead critters
are a by-product of CAFOs, where thousands of animals live like
people packed on an elevator, the raw ingredients are plentiful.

You can almost hear the glee in the Board Room: “Hey, Boys! We
don’t even have to keep the turkeys alive to make a profit!”

As Lenin use to say, every time you take one step forward, you take two steps back.