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AT&T Bribes Governor, Lawmakers

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MADISON, Wis. — Media giant AT&T has given thousands of dollars in donations to Wisconsin lawmakers, WISC-TV reported.

I know, I know, there is no connection. Its just how the game is played. They are not criminals just pawns in a system that devours them.

Please, this is another Crime Against the People. While this may not be technically against the legal code written by the criminal class, they are crimes against the people and Democracy.

Each time Doylie and his hooligans take bribes from Adelman Travel, AT&T, or the Casino interests they are shooting a burning arrow right through the heart of democracy. JFC, with all the ruckus there was with Zeigler and her petty crimes against the people, you’d think the Dems would be up in arms with this kind of grand larceny.

Yes, I know bribery is pretty petty. But then maybe that’s the problem, we live in a day and age where buying a politician is considered petty.


2 responses to “AT&T Bribes Governor, Lawmakers

  1. Bill Williams ⋅

    Oh give me a break. You are buying into the JS slime again about Doyle. Notice how they draw a distinction between leggies and Doyle in who they decribe the money coming from? For Doyle, they expand the definition to “employees” – no mention of who, how many or how much. AT&T is one of the largest employers in the state. Any major candidate for governor is going to get a fair amount of money from the employees from a large corporation in a high profile race. reminds me of when the JS attacked Doyle over a $50 donation in 2002.

  2. While the JS certainly has its faults, their corruption pieces have been right on. When JS or Republicans go on their corruption rants no doubt there motives are less than pure, but that does not make them any less right.

    Why you mention JS is beyond me, nowhere did I refer to them. Bill you made my point, politics is so far into the gutter that bribery, extortion, is just seen as the cost of doing business.

    Its really a screwed up view of the world where business interests giving thousands of dollars to lawmakers is just the cost of doing business. Geeze, you guys are making Zeigler look better every day.

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