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WI Senate Votes to End Forced Child Labor

Well it looks like the Demopublicans are at it again. It seems some are more concerned with watching dogs than the workers in this state. While I am no fan of Democrats, all the corruption and all, I have had nice things to say about Erpenbach and his band of Proletariats.

The Demopublican talking point is its anti-business. Why can’t we just stick to those lovely cultural issues and leave the economic ones alone. Damn you Journal Sentinel, damn you, it now looks like this anti-business measure just passed the Senate. This measure was so anti-business that 5 whole Senators voted against it. I imagine all 5 were regular readers of Watch Dog Milwaukee.

Here is the requirements that is so anti-business,

They include registering with the state Department of Workforce Development, paying their workers regularly and not allowing them to hire minors, among others.

Lets be honest this is about one thing only, do we want forced child labor in the state of Wisconsin. This bill is part of a comprehensive set of bills dealing with the lives of working people. Erpenbach gets it, if Democrats expect to win they need to run and rule on class issues. 

For the Demopublicans being pro-business means allowing Wal-Mart to not pay 64 million dollars in taxes last year. Yes, that is you and me though sales and property taxes who are having to pick up the slack to subsidize Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart just like those sales crews abuse loop holes to violate Wisconsin’s laws. Call me anti-business if you must, but really all I believe is people should come before profits.