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Chavez says See Ya

Al Jazeera English – News

“I want to formalise our exit from the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund,” Chavez said, issuing an order for Rodrigo Cabezas, Venezuela’s finance minister, to begin proceedings to withdraw from the organisations. “We are going to withdraw before they go and rob us.”

The World Bank and IMF are the two most destructive organizations in the world. By any definition they are terrorist organizations, they terrorize the people in the name of capital.  The so so called loans – that keep third world countries in debt – mandate the money is spend on capitalist not human infrastructure. The money can go to building roads but not to schools, it go go to elaborate skyscrapers but not homes for poor. In short, the money has to go to developments which allow 1st world companies to exploit and capitalize the resources of 3rd World countries.

Kudos to Chavez. Kicking out the Wolf and his World Bank / IMF is the best thing he could have done for Venezuela. Chavez now can continue his projects of housing, schooling, and democracy without the dehumanizing profit motives. Just the other day Chavez increased the minimum wage by over 20%. and plans to decrease the workday to 6 hours a day. Tell me again why he’s the bad guy!