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Third Hour Bomb Threats

I can’t recall the exact number, but it is certainly multiple times a month I am notified East High School has had another bomb threat. All of these bomb threats occur third hour and after evacuation there is a multi-grade open campus lunch.

One of the reforms Al Harris decided on upon taking reigns of East was no open campus for freshman. After it was revealed all the bomb threats occurred third hour, the likely scenario was freshman were doing this to get an open campus lunch. For some odd reason I am incapable of understanding, the Freshman get an open campus lunch after a bomb threat. If the students needed an incentive to call in a bomb threat this is it.

I was pretty upset over the last one. After the 30th or so bomb threat one’s sense of humor is lost.

Mr. Harris,
It is common knowledge that freshman are calling in bomb threats so they can have an open campus for lunch. I do not understand why after a bomb threat freshman are permitted an open campus. It seems to me this is only an incentive for future bomb threats.

Yesterday my son was pissed at me all day. Its happened before, some days they just act pissed for the joy it. It turns out yesterday he had to go to the principals’ office to answer questions about the bomb threat. They discussed what I meant by ‘common knowledge’. Mr. Harris interpreted it as there was common knowledge about who did it, rather that the general motive.

It seems to me one of two things need to happen; either East gets rid of closed campus for freshman, or find a way to enforce it even after a bomb threat. My daughter, hope they don’t drag her in now, thinks the policy violates some unspoken constitutional right of childhood. If they do keep it, at minimum, they need a backup plan of closed campus for freshman. The current policy simply rewards students to cry Bomb Threat, Bomb Threat!