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Yes Sir, King George

It almost makes you want to puke. Right before the Dems passed the escalation bill, Siroto put the pressure on progressive Dems telling them supporting the bill was the right thing to do. It appears the whole thing was a Demosham, Demotrick,  or Democon from the very beginning.  It was a way to escalate the war while giving the perception of accountability with a guaranteed death by veto.

Now, of course, the spending bill will be more tricks and gimmicks. The Dem leadership will move so far to the right progressive Dems will not be able to support the bill. Pelosi, Reid and others will depend on the other side, the dark side of the empire, to give Bush the spending bill he wants. Why the Dems want to give a no good for nothing, lame duck, commander in thief that much power is beyond me. The new word, language, or scam is benchmarks,

Hoyer: the next bill would include benchmarks to keep the Iraqi government on course

Durbin: I believe the president is open to a discussion on benchmarks

Snow: The general sense is that the benchmarks are critical,

The only Dem that is making any frickin sense is good ole Russ,

I won’t support a supplemental spending bill that doesn’t have binding language to redeploy U.S. troops from Iraq. There’s a lot of talk right now about Democrats getting the President to sign a bill that only has benchmarks for the Iraqi government to meet. But we’re long past the point when just setting benchmarks was enough. Even if funding for the Iraqi government is conditioned on it meeting those benchmarks, that misses the main point — which is that, whether or not the Iraqis meet their benchmarks, we need to get out of Iraq so that we can focus on the national security threats we face around the world. And if those benchmarks aren’t binding, then they are nothing more than suggestions. The American people aren’t asking us to offer suggestions to the Iraqis — they are asking us to bring our troops out of Iraq.