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Thank You Mr McGee

Not that I’d ever listen to your show, but thank you for giving the hater Sykes a taste of his own medicine. While in all honesty faulting a poor old lady (she did have to live with Sykes for a son) was a bit too much, putting the responsibility on Sykes was not.

Maybe I am just ignorant but how in the hell did this house get on fire. Houses just don’t go on fire. For a right wing talk show host that preaches against liberalism these are fair questions. I have to give Sykes the benefit of doubt and assume that against his conservative nature he did visit this poor lady on a weekly basis.

I have to admit I was a bit perplexed when all these Condolence Dems came out in full force. I guess if they all personally knew Sykes or his mother it would make a bit of sense. But then, when Reagan was shot a smile emerged from deep within and for moment I felt there was a thing called sweet justice.

The Sykes thing is what it is, sure I can search for the sympathy he never took the time to offer others in his words and deeds, but why bother. Certainly other victims are more worthy of what ever sympathy is left in my cold heart. The audacity of trying to compare calling basketball players nappy headed hoes to dissing someones dead mama seems out of bounds.

The basketball players did nothing to warrant such an epithet while Sykes had it coming.


4 responses to “Thank You Mr McGee

  1. Wow, the famous liberal compassion on display. Trying to blame her son because he is a conservative, and of course all conservatives are mean evil people that hate their mothers.

    Perhaps the condolences from Democrats and liberals showed something you seem to lack, compassion and basic human decency.

  2. No, only that McGee behavior, while inappropriate, is consistent with the culture of right wing talk radio.

    My problem with condolences is it implies ownership which the NeoCrybabies love. I don’t own McGee, he’s your Frankenstein not mine.

  3. McGee is a Conservative? You have GOT to be kidding! McGee Jr. walks around with a picture of a socialist dictator to flash at the TV cameras when they ask him questions.

  4. Rumor has it he had some conservative positions on cultural issues such as gay rights. The conservative frame makes much more sense to me than a liberal one the NeoCons try to make.

    Please, Chavez is no dictator by any means. If we in this country were only lucky enough to have a dictator that cared about the people. Chavez nationalizes industries to give real power back to the people and he’s a dictator, Bush hands out enormous corporate welfare checks to oil companies and lets them right energy laws irregardless of the will of the people and he’s not a dictator. I would trade up a Ven dictator for ours any day.

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