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Talking Ill About the Dead

Its looks like the NeoCrybabies are finding refuge for the time being. They are still steaming that father McGee talked ill about Syke’s mama. I suppose McGee Jr. taking over the show will not sooth their pain much.

It got me thinking, is such insensitivity that out of character in a media market dominated by NeoCrybabies. Or more to the point, has NeoCrybaby personalities ever used ill of the dead for political gain. Is the offensive McGee comment out of nature or a product of a NeoCrybaby radio culture. Such discourse rubs liberals the wrong way which is why so many sent out condolences, but it comes as second nature for most NeoCrybabies.

Let start with the overweight drug addict. After an emotional massacre on a college campus he said this of the shooter,

He had to be a liberal… You start railing against the rich, and all this other — this guy’s a liberal. He was turned into a liberal somewhere along the line. So it’s a liberal that committed this act.

After Elisabeth Edwards cancer news he stated,

[M]ost people, when told a family member’s been diagnosed with the kind of cancer Elizabeth Edwards has, they turn to God. The Edwards turned to the campaign. Their religion is politics and the quest for the White House.”

In reference to the deaths of children (with unknown immigration status) in a Bronx fire O’Really stated the,

compassion crowd of open borders, blanket amnesty, for the chaotic immigration system directly caused the deaths of these children

And this is what O’Really had to say after our national disgrace in New Orleans,

Many, many, many of the poor in New Orleans are in that condition. They weren’t going to leave no matter what you did. They were drug-addicted. They weren’t going to get turned off from their source. They were thugs, whatever.

Glenn Beck attacking the New York Times for breaking a story on goverment spying stated,

How can you be fighting for the same things that Al Qaeda wants, you know? Can you imagine — can you imagine The New York Times coming out and saying “Hey, the ovens aren’t so bad,” back in World War II? Can you imagine that? I don’t know; sure, there are some Jews in there, but I bet they might make some good pizzas in there too.

And good ole Beck had this to say in reference to a father whose son was just killed by the bad guys,

I think he is grieving, but I think he’s a scumbag as well. I don’t like this guy at all.

So my question is, is McGee’s comment about Syke’s dead mother really that out of character for NeoCrybaby radio. Its not like there is is liberal or progressive radio in Milwaukee so the only standard he ought be judged by is the NeoCrybaby radio culture. It seems to me McGee is a natural fit for Milwaukee radio.

But then again maybe its not McGee, but the values of NeoCrybaby radio that are so offensive. Maybe what the NeoCrybabies really want is some good old liberal or progressive radio where such discourse is not the norm.