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Childless Hippies Unite

Dave Diamond predicted the childless hippies would be up in arms. He was certainly correct, if naming a school after a drug lord was not enough, closing a neighborhood school put them over top.

But maybe there is hope on the horizon,

A new plan was laid out at the Madison school board meeting on Monday night.The plan was spearheaded by Bob Queen, an active member of the neighborhood association.Queen said he would donate $250,000 of his own money to keep the school open in the short term.He also said the neighborhood association is in favor of the district selling four lots behind the school to a developer.

It does beg the question why the selling of the vacant lots was not on the table much earlier. Brenda has a post that argues it would only take $81,000 to stop the consolidation and chances are within 5 years Lapham will be over crowded anyway. She has a point here, MMSD’s decision is very short sighted, much of the city development on the table is in the Lapham / Marquette community.

And then there is the whole Pao thing. How can you honor such a man without honoring the whole notion of illegal, immoral, and unconstitutional wars. This is just more short sightedness of the school board. If that won’t increase middle class flight, nothing will. I would hope that reason prevails and in the end a Hmong is chosen who deserves the recognition. Shwaw Vang has served the school board for more years than I can remember. He has spoken up for Hmong issues but he never stopped there. He has been a solid advocate of education for all Madisonians.