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Uncompassionate Liberalism

I don’t claim any ownership for compassion or liberalism. There are many things I feel compassion about. One I don’t, is an incompetent father who kept guns in his house with an emotionally disturbed 15 year old living there.

Shaun Hainstock is now all upaset that his son will go to adult prison.

I’m concerned (Eric) might say the wrong thing (in an adult prison) and somebody would hurt him,” Shawn Hainstock said, tears in his eyes. “Somebody would kill him, and that would be that.”

If Shaun was a little more fucking concerned what his son would do, he would have taken all the guns out of the house. Maybe if Shaun had taken a little more personal responsibility a principal would be a live today and his 15 year old would not be going to adult prison.

I am not convinced adult prison is the best place for a 15 year old boy. We as a society should do better than this. What still gnaws at my soul is that the father got off scott free in this hideous crime. My hope is at the very minimum Shawn Hainstock continues visiting his son every day or two. Maybe over time he can come to terms with him role is this sickening crime.