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Take this deal and shove it

Well it looks like Ragel and the Clintonista are moving forward with his FU Deal. Several pro-labor blogs have dealt with this issue in past few days. Most notably Siroto and Working Life.  The Teamsters have also come out hard against the secret anti fair trade deal. This is what Hoffa had to say,

The deal, which is wrongly dubbed “A New Trade Policy For America,” does nothing to protect American jobs or help create more jobs at home. The race to the bottom will only continue.

Therefore, this “deal” is NO DEAL for the Teamsters or American workers, and we will fight like hell to oppose this shortsighted agreement.

I say we give the K Street Dems a new deal. If you don’t vote pro fair trade,  you will receive no monetary or grassroots support from labor.  The Dems treat labor in much the same fashion the Republicans treat cultural conservatives. They exploit their interests during election time, but fail to rule on your behalf.

The Clintonistas

There are of course decent Dems out there like Feingold, Sanders, and Brown. Labor should put resources into those candidates not the worthless K Streeters that join the Republican Party to sell this country to lowest bidder.