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What if Teachers took Doyle’s Lead

Today I had a meeting with the building principal. It turns out one of my student’s grades increased quite drastically during third quarter report cards. He was given a F for math at second quarter, and his grade increased to an A third quarter. One of the things we talked about was two checks I received from the student’s family. I received a check for $1000 before I did the report cards, and another $1000 check after they were completed.

As I explained in the meeting, these gifts had no relationship to the grades the student received. I would have given him an A irregardless of the money. The principal felt me accepting the money was a conflict of interest, and no matter what my intent sent the wrong message to parents.

While I certainly understood her position, I stated that in the high stakes world of No Child Left Behind and low teacher pay because of the QEO this is simply how the game is played. Then she looked me in the eye and said, “Who in the hell do you think are, Governor Doyle.”