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Amnesty May Be a Good thing?

From what I have seen the amnesty provision is one of the better things in the bill. I know, I know, this is the one thing that has the NeoCrybabies all upset. This is probably because they see the issue through race tainted glasses while I see it through a class lens.

The graph I put up yesterday showed the drastic jumps with both legal and illegal immigration since the 1990’s. What’s clear is illegal immigration is two times greater than U.S. legal immigration. What needs to be understood is legal immigration is regulated immigration and illegal immigration is free labor. The more illegal immigration we can move to regulated immigration the better it is for unions, workers, immigrants, and our personal and national security. Illegal immigration is bad not because they tend to be Hispanic or Mexicans but because its unregulated.

When immigration is unregulated, immigrants are exploited by working in sweat shops, forced prostitution, slavery, and forced to work below minimum wage. Unregulated immigration also greatly hurts American workers who are forced to compete with third world wages trying to live first world lives. When immigration is unregulated it is difficult or impossible to verify employment or tax information. With a regulated immigration system it should be an instantaneous process for workers and employers alike.

While I do not have any problems with amnesty I have a big problem with the temporary worker program. We are currently averaging over 2 Million immigrants a year, why are we even taking about a guest worker program at this point in time. No matter what lies the free traders may tell you, we do not have a labor shortage, but a wage shortage problem in this country.

Another big problem with a bill is moving from a family to a job based immigration system. Historically we have had a pro-family immigration policy and this bill moves us away from that to a job based one. Under the new system if farm workers or another sector of the labor market begin to organize the gates of free labor will open wide. Funny, with all the talk from Republicans about letting the market decide wages, they are certainly happy to use the full power of the federal government to decrease the living standard of American workers.

All in all I am torn by this bill. One probably could not get amnesty without funding climbable walls and one could not get employee verification without some temporary worker program.