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An Idea Whose Time has Come


Voter fraud, of any type, is that these votes still counted and the election stands. These illegal voters that were bribed disinfranshised the legal voters. We should do everything- photo id, 30 day pre-registration and somehow, and I’m not sure the best way, to prove identity for absentee ballots

No, it wasn’t Folkbum who uttered such nonsense, but some Milwaukee NeoCrybaby. In all honesty, I don’t understand the Milwaukee variety conservative, the liberals either, but that’s another story. The Milwaukee Idiots seem to have lost total grip on reality.

I really don’t get the Milwaukee NeoCons. In one of Wisconsin’s (at least in Madison) higher voter turnouts – 2006, only 16% of potential Milwaukee County voters come out to vote. In Dane County it was over 55%, with Dane County having 50,000 more votes cast than Milwaukee county.

Funny If I lived in a county where less than 10% of the voters determined our current governor, I’d feel embarrassed. No, these NeoCrybabies don’t feel shame, or disgrace about Milwaukee’s low voter turnout, they see it as something to be proud of, a badge of honor.

There is a real interesting irony here. JFC, while these NeoCrybabies whine like rich brats who lost their bottle of latte if you even mention a 48 hour waiting period for hand guns, or the banning semi-automatic machine guns in the classroom, they have no problem with a 30 day waiting period to register to vote. Let me get this straight, these enemies of freedom and democracy would like us to have a society where we can get a handgun on any street corner, but we would revert back to the Jim Crow days when voting is concerned. I say we load up and send these NeoCrybabies to Venesuala and let good old Chavez deal with them his way.

Folkbum’s post was about the corruption charges against Milwaukee Alderman McGee. It turns out he was paying voters $5 a pop. I know, this is shameful. While it is only an alderman’s race, our vote could not have been deflated that much. Just for the record my charge starts at $100 and goes up from there.

Even Folkbum seemed to think it was a bad idea to pay voters to vote, I am not convinced. There is some truth to the idea when folks were rewarded for coming to the polls, the criminals in the White House and the statehouse had more of a general concern for everyday Joe and Jill. If a politician wants your vote enough to pay for it, in the end they will treat it with more respect that the Demopublicans and Clintonistas currently do.

Lastly, it seems to me a system a pay for vote in the end is far more democratic than the current pay to play system in the state house. At least with a broad based pay for vote system more Wisconsinites will be involved in the process. We could have tier based system where the cost of votes is related to the responsiveness of the politician. In this sense a vote for a Green (Party), Sanders, Feingold, or a Baldwin would cost dramatically less than the Demopublicans and Clintonistas.

The time has come to replace the current pay to play for a pay for vote system.


2 responses to “An Idea Whose Time has Come

  1. Babblemur

    I would contemplate selling my vote for $34,500. That is the size of my credit card debt.

  2. Well I owe 125,000 on $40,000 of student loan debt. I have Clinton to thank for that one.
    The residents of Milwaukee are getting screwed royally. Politicians are getting $10,000 + a vote and all they got was $5. Pretty soon the lobbiests will catch on and pay the voters directly.

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