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Which Party Said What?

Thanks to Babblemur for this interesting historical artifact. I thought it would be fun to play a little game. Here’s how it works in 1932 there were four political parties (good old days) in Wisconsin. I have four quotes below and you need to guess which party said what. The four political parties are Prohibition, Democratic, Socialist, and Republican.

Remember this was Wisconsin’s 1932 platform for each of their respective parties. FDR was running for President as a new kind of Democrat. Hoover and his version of compassionate conservatism was coming to an end. The Prohibition movement was running out of steam. Milwaukee was under the spell of the Sewer Socialists. Alright, which party said what?

1. We propose to put into operation needful public works and improvements to supply as far as possible labor for the unemployed citizens of the state, and declare that until there shall be a more general demand for labor no person should be employed more than six hours each working day.

2. A citizen in need, by reasons of enforced unemployment due to depression, should be encouraged to retain his morale and never be pauperized. Relief to him, if necessary, should be given in the form of compensation for some labor provided him rather than as alms or charity and his misfortune should not be paraded or publicized.

3. Steeply increased inheritance taxes and income taxes on the higher incomes and estates of both corporations and individuals.

4. The advancement of the best interests of labor is of primary concern to the state and all its people, and is a permanently fundamental aim of the ___________ party, as our record of legislation and administrative activities for the protection of labor fully attests.


4 responses to “Which Party Said What?

  1. Babblemur

    I guess:

    1. Socialists
    2. Prohibition
    3. Republicans
    4. Democrats

    Am I right?

  2. 1. Socialist
    2. Republican
    3. Democrat
    4. Prohibition

    I admit that I have absolutely no idea.

  3. Nope. Neither of you are correct on any of them..

  4. Captain Kangaroo ⋅

    1. Republican

    2. Republican

    3. Republican

    4. Republican

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