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Wineke Ethical, my ass

Cap Times

Wineke made the right choice. The state Democratic Party chair gave up a $2,000-a-month contract to lobby on behalf of the AT&T telecommunications conglomerate after grass-roots party activists objected. The concern was that Wineke’s lobbying on behalf of AT&T in the debate over the future of cable television in the state created confusion at a time when legislative Democrats were raising concerns about a bill backed by the corporation.

I am really confused on this one. We have a Dem Chair, who is lobbying for a corporation who has business at the statehouse, that Dems are currently voting on, and he’s some frickin kind of hero because he gave up a $2000 a month lobbying contract.

What screwed up world does the Capital Times live in that Wineke should be applauded for such a move. Wineke not only lacks ethical judgment, but his actions are crimes against the people, or more specifically crimes against democracy.

Here is my question, why would we permit a Democratic Chair or politician to lobby for a corporation while in office. I guess we’d call it covering all our bases. Wineke could guarantee Dems got their share of bribes from corporations, while he could also guarantee the corporations got their share of votes out of Democrats.

Wineke’s ethical, yea he’s giving up $2000 a month contract. I am sure that’s just a fraction of what the Democratic Party received from AT&T. The fact of the matter is he had no interest lobbying for AT&T anymore. The money for the Dems and the votes for AT&T are already locked up.


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  1. Captain Kangaroo ⋅

    Wineke just wants to hold on long enough to retire and didn’t want anyone to run against him, nothing that would jeopardize that big retirement party and lengthy testimonials. So he does this “sacrifice” thing, the party agrees to back off on finding a serious contender, everybody grits their teeth for awhile and no one has to go through the hassle of stacking the meeting like the last time W. faced a motivated challenge.

    Wineke correctly assessed that a couple of the county parties were focused on his ouster, and he didn’t get where he is today by being stupid. So – public display of “ethics”, crocodile tears and false contrition and the internal party foes have nothing to hang their hats on.

    The postive ink from the Cap Times makes them look like Wineke’s butt-buddies but, nothing new there. All in all, the Party was probably just uncomfortable with the lobbyist-party relationship being so overt like that. Lobbyists are the ones normally writing the bills anyway aren’t they?

    Just a brief but virulent case of Lobbius Obvious easily cured by Dr. Spin.

    Question – will Wineke find a suitable candidate to use to unseat Madame Gronemus from within? No love lost there, you know. it is said that The Groaner is on the official Wineke Shit List
    As XOff would say — “strong stuff”. Like party doings are ever NOT strong stuff.

    Did I mention the party runs on the power of Love and the motivation for real change? I must have forgotten that part. Strong Stuff.

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