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NCLB Propaganda

Wisconsin State Journal

The number of Wisconsin schools failing to meet federal No Child Left Behind standards this year grew from 87 to 95 and includes all four Madison high schools and three middle schools in the Madison, Middleton-Cross Plains and Mount Horeb school districts.

Some may even consider this news worthy of attention, but the truth of the matter is the Journal is just doing its bit to feed the propaganda monster.

We all remember those days after 911 when Bush would tell us its orange, then yellow, almost red but perfectly safe to fly. We were all scared and rightly so. All of that propaganda had little to do with keeping us safe, and a lot about keeping us scared.

NCLB is following the same model as Bush’s terrorist warning system. It really has little to do with, is our children learning, and much more to do with making sure that everyone in the system is anxious, scared, worried, and nervous.

The Journal puts their propaganda on the front page as if to give the district their report card. The scores ranged from 60% to the high 80’s but in the end the actual score is irrelevant because all four schools got failing grades.

Just like with the terrorist warning system, now we should be scared, really scared, and willing to things rational thinking persons wouldn’t. But before we make a big leap forward lets think rationally for a minute.

What happens to all the kids that stay home on test taking day. What about the kids that see it for the game that it is. What about those students who rarely make it class. What about those kids where English is not their first language, what does the reading test really tell us.

No, now is not the time to feed the politics of fear. It is time to open your window and scream at the top of your lungs I WANT MY EDUCATION BACK. It is time to tell Bush to take his NCLB money and stick it where the sun don’t shine. Do we really want to base our educational destiny on president who asks, Is Our Children Learning?