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Taxing like a Tommy

There is a bit of irony here, Doyle is taxing like a Tommy, and the Democrats have been regressive for so long they have no idea what progressive taxation looks like.

The most regressive of all regressive taxes are fees and single product taxes. We used to be able to call these Tommy taxes but now it seems Doyle taxes are the more rightful name. Madison’s Wisconsin State Journal has even defended these schemes from time to time rationalizing it as those who utilize the service pay for the service. Its the opposite of a progressive general tax in which those who benefit most from our economic system pay the most.

Suddenly it seems some Republicans no longer like the Tommy tax. It seems the $1.7 billion in user fees is just too much this time around. It looks like the Democrats and Republicans got the taxpayers over a barrel on this one. They either get $1.7 billion in user fees or 357 million in property taxes. Either way the voters are stuck with a regressive tax increase.

The Democrats have countered that the Republicans have offered no other plan to fund government services. I have one, lets join 20 other states and get rid of selective reporting. With combined reporting Wal-Mart would have paid 67 million in taxes. Instead because Wisconsin has selective reporting they only paid 3 million.

Its time Democrats stop acting like Republicans, and fairly tax corporations instead of Wisconsin taxpayers. In 1979 10% of all taxes were paid through corporate taxes, now its less than 4%.