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Doyle and Troha sitting in tree

It looks like the Troha / Doyle saga is coming to an end or is it just the beginning. It all began when Doyle sent out one of his boys (un-named mind you) to visit Troha and then the illegal dough started flying in. Looks like Paul Ryan has returned the money, so has the Democratic Party of WI. The holdouts, two peas in a pod, are Doyle and Bush. Doyle’s response was, “Nah, nah, nah, I’m not giving any money back and youcan’t make me”.

Jay Heck puts it all in perspective with his common sense approach.

JS Online:

If they think they’re in the clear and everything’s just fine, I think they’re sadly mistaken,” Heck said. “(The money to Doyle) was the primary reason that Troha got in trouble. At the very least, they ought to consider giving to a charity . . . or some entity the questionable money that was originally outlined in the grand jury indictment.”

A Cinderella story begins with A Tale of Two Governors. One governor canceled the ball because we lived in tough economic times, the other, Doyle, opened it up to the highest bidder, we are told to save the state money. Well, one of these contributors was Troha himself.

If that’s not enough in Doylegate XV11 I respond to the Demosensibilities of its the office of the governor not the governor himself that did anything wrong. I still find it ironic that so many vanguard Democrats will defend this corrupt governor when his behavior is so clearly out of bounds.

Then in Double Standard the Dem Vanguard take Zeigler to task for the same kind of corrupt behavior they defend Doyle against. They argue how can she be trusted to rule fairly with these conflicts of interest. I agree and counter how can Governor Doyle be trusted to govern fairly with all his conflicts of interest.

And lastly, a little piece of satire, What if Teachers took Doyle’s Lead, about what it would be like if a teacher followed the ethical standards Doyle has set for our state.

It looks like Troha will get immunity after all. The topics of the investigation will likely involve both Ryan and Doyle. Maybe we’ll get lucky and Troha will squeal a pig. If this gets big enough to take down a governor and a congressman maybe, just maybe, we will get some decent corruption reform in this state.


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