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Legalized Bribery and Extortion

WDC found that state grants, low-interest loans and tax credits were substantially higher to individuals and companies that made campaign contributions than the awards to those who did not make campaign contributions.

Per capita, campaign contributors received Commerce Department awards averaging eight times higher than non-contributors and 4.6 times higher than the overall average award to all recipients


2 responses to “Legalized Bribery and Extortion

  1. jody

    The guys over on Boots and Sabers said that there was a rumor Doyle was thinking of running again and last night a bit in the Leader-Telegram legitimized that rumor. That makes the party’s “outta my cold dead hands” grip on the Frankenstein veto make a lot of sense. Now that the Frankie has gotten them a fair amount of criticism you’d think they might want to look like heroes and reformers (and self-protect before a Republican gets in there). But no, guess they’re still gonna need it.

    Also I don’t know how anyone can take this Health Care Crapola seriously. It’s just early campaigning for Vinehout and Kreitlow. The way the plan was handled (all secret and tacked onto the budget like that) looks like a set-up so they can say “we tried to bring you Nirvana but the Republicans shot us down. ELECT US AGAIN AND MORE DEMS TOO… and we’ll do better next time”
    Ya okay sounds familiar….

    There’s not a prayer in hell of that thing passing, but now they can say forever and a day “we tried”. And blame the WMC when actually it seems like a bad plan on first blush to most working people for a couple of really obvious reasons. But then, these ‘tards are better than Green’s people would have been. So I guess I should be grateful for the quality representation I am getting.

    Seemingly un-related but not since it deals with stupidity :
    My kid saw an Op Ed thing with some woman ranting about bilingualism in public schools being wrong because “after all if English was good enough for Jesus it ought to be good enough for our school children.”

    That might explain it all – maybe the public is as stupid as politicians act like it is.

  2. Well, Doyle certainly does not want it in his budget. I wrote a piece right after the election about the Dems needing to put it in the budget and all the Demobloggers told me I wasn’t living in reality and that it was a no starter. Now they are jumping all over it, go figure.

    I was reading a piece in the state journal about the Dems, the budget, and Doyle. They, for some reason felt it necessary to clarify Doyle was a Democrat. He has been governor for 6 years and it was necessary to clarify his party affiliation.

    The English was good enough for Jesus cracked me up. The must never saw Passion of the Christ.

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