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Pardoning of Scooter

No, not that scooter,

This one.

The Neocrybabies have been whailing for months about the injustices done to their boy Scooter. They argued that the Republican special council simply had too much power. They argued that Republican passed sentencing guidelines were just too tough. And now they argue that a Republican judge nominated by GW himself over stepped his bounds.

The NeoCrybabies would love us to believe that outing CIA agents, putting our national security at risk, obstruction of justice and perjury are not real crimes. I would really like to know in their distorted NeoCrybaby world order what real crimes actually are. Maybe what these Cracker Jacks need to do is take a day or two and read the constitution.

What the NeoCrybabies are really screaming about is that King George’s court should follow the same laws as the people. Hundreds of thousands of American are in jail today for obstruction of justice, yet King George is not pardoning one of them. No, in this Orwellian twist of fate, pardoning is not to right the people from acts of an overzealous  state, but protect the corrupt, criminal class from the rule of law.

It looks like a presidential candidates even cried in on this one.