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What Liberal Bias?

Reality has a well-known liberal bias.
-Stephen Colbert

I always find it humorous when NeoCrybabies wail about the so called liberal bias. More often than not their rants are not even coherent. We are told the New York Times is the mother of all liberality. This is the rag that pushed for invading Iraq, and continuously pushes the discourse of free trade. In my book neither of these positions are bastions of liberalism.

When one thinks of a liberal newspaper, at least locally, the Capital Times come to mind. I would argue they are liberal in a very important sense, there is this dichotomous division of news and editorials. While their editorials certainly take a liberal / progressive slant (not Democratic necessarily), the news is probably the most objective around. A recent example of this was how the Capital Times and Channel 3000 responded to the recent teacher’s contract. The Capital Times responded factually (what the contract actually stated),

The contract provides a combined wage and benefit package increase of just slightly over 4 percent each year.

whereas Channel 3000 in the most deceitful way possible stated,

The deal, which the teacher’s union approved last week, will give teachers a 1 percent base salary raise for each of the 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 school years as well as 4 percent raise and a benefits hike. The two-year contract will run from July 1 to June 30, 2009.

Certainly the only bias here is the anti-union, anti-teacher bias of Channel 3000. Their wording was an intentional ploy to give the impression teachers were getting much more money than they actually were.

I wonder if the NeoCrybabies saw some real left wing bias they’d change their tune. In all honesty, I think we can refer to two distinct news models; Fox and Liberal. The Fox News model has perspective and an agenda and is not divided into neat little categories like news, entertainment, and opinion. The Liberal News model tries to keep perspective out of the news room with a just the facts mam style of of journalism.

While ideologically I am much closer to the Capital Times than Fox News, I much prefer the Fox News Model for my news. When I listen to the news I want perspective, a viewpoint, a bias. While there a many issues I diverge from Lou Dobbs, his perspective is always refreshing.

In the last month or so Go Left TV has went online with the help of Mike Papantonio of Ring of Fire. Feel free to view the clips on the right side of this blog. Yes, they are about as left wing as you can get, but they got perspective and a punch. News, opinion, and entertainment are interconnected in a way even Fox News junkie could appreciate. If you have not had a chance to see Go Left TV, go for it and take the great leap forward. If you’re a NeoCrybaby it will be a good education on what left leaning bias looks like.