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What’s Your Foodometer?

Here is a video created by Molly Schwartz who also has an interesting piece on Grass Roots Gardening.

Its actually something I have been thinking about for some time. If its pumping Co2 into your hamburger or tooth paste that will kill your kids, the globalized food market is scary business.

Awhile ago I read an interesting piece by the Capital Times that mentioned a delivery business from local farms. Prior to reading this article I had several frustrating encounters with buying meat at the local grocery store. Too often there was more fat than one wanted and you really had no idea where the meat came from. Two weeks ago I found the Artisan Foods Delivered website and put in my first order.

I was very happy with the quality of the food. I recently grilled a 2lb sirloin with no fat at all. The one problem I had with getting skim instead of 2% milk was handled by getting credited for the milk. The most important thing about the service is what you could call food security. When you are eating eggs, meat, cheese or yogurt you can rest assured it came from a particular farm in your community.

These are dangerous time when eating is concerned and businesses like Artisan Foods that connect you with local farmers can make you feel a little more secure about frying that next burger.