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Corporate Lovefest for Mother Earth

It seemed the overreaching message of the day was do as I say not as I do. No, I am not talking about Gore’s excessive carbon neutral energy use. I am talking about,  lets consume excessive amounts of energy to show the world consuming large amounts of energy is wrong.

Looking at the MSNBC website the message from corporate America is clear, Hey You, quit forcing us to destroy the earth. We had Chrysler and BP as the main sponsors of the site, does anyone smell anything funny there.

I have Universal HD, so I was able to watch throughout the day. I think my favorite part was the little clips that were shown throughout the day. My favorite was the guy whose house got flooded, polar bear man it was called.

One thing that stuck out for me the most was how 2000 it was. Who hasn’t converted to those new light bulbs yet besides Glenn Beck (they hurt his eyes, poor NeoCrybaby). Since I have more that 8 in my house now, I expect global cooling to come my way soon (not today I suspect).  And that 1970’s model of recycling that is so easy a fox, or was it someone at Fox, could do it. Wake up world, putting all recyclables in one container and sorting them at the plant is the way of the future. Where besides California would you want 10 or more garbage cans lined up for recycling.

The Capital Times told us to Vote green which is a great start. It sounded like Al Gore’s 7 point plan came directly out of the Green Party platform. Nader having secret meetings with Gore, Gore pushing the Green Party platform, maybe something is in the air.


5 responses to “Corporate Lovefest for Mother Earth

  1. lamarguerite ⋅

    I love your sense of humor! Like you, I am a bit of a cynic and not easily fooled, starting with myself. I just started a blog documenting all the inconsistencies and hypocrisies in my own life as a green girl wannabe. I would love to compare notes with you . . .


  2. Nice blog.

    Having two teenage kids myself, I liked the laundry story. I too make them do their own laundry, but recently that has included putting the clothes on a line outside instead of the dryer.

    Damn you Al Gore and the carbon credits you rode in on.

  3. jody

    Oh, you two crazy kids.

    I was all set to deposit my snide-ry here, and then you go and do this mutual admiration thing and knock me off my game. Things are getting warmer around here alright…

    Anyway, the explantaion was that they used alt enegry sources to power the stage and wahetver else, and that “wherever possible” hybrids etc. were used by concert folks for ground travel. BUT we must further note that it WAS an opportunity to see Dave (Foo Fighters) in full Jesus mode which I am SURE kicked global temps up a few degrees but screw them damn polar bears ’cause

    I’ve got another confession to make~ Dave is coooool.

    sorry for the interruption, couldn’t help mah-self.

  4. Yes, green or otherwise, still a lot of energy. I just love the rationality that if you are using carbon credits its like you’re not using electricity.

  5. Irish ⋅

    My favorite moment of the concert series (I listened to it on MMM, no TV for me) was after the list of (stupid) things to do to combat climate change, after Ben Affleck told me to turn of my computer when I leave work, and after an interview with a bunch of guys talking about how great Spinal Tap is……there was an ad read promoting GM, followed by a quick spot for “Transformers” where you can see the GM logo on all the Autobots.

    The whole thing was so close to a parody, I simply don’t know what to think of it.

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