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Pennsylvania Reinstitutes Poll Tax

Ballot Access News: In January 2007, the U.S. Supreme Court had refused to hear Nader v Serody, which meant that the 2006 order of the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court remained in place. That court order had said Ralph Nader must pay almost $90,000 to the Pennsylvania court system, for the costs of checking his signatures in 2004.

The Republicans over the years have done some pretty dirty tricks to suppress the vote, but they are in the minor leagues when compared to the Democrats. Pennsylvania is probably one of the worst states of Democratic voter suppression.

In 04 they went on a witch hunt with both the Green Party’s and Nader’s registered voter lists. As if this hideous act of voter suppression was not enough, now they want Nader to fund their voter suppression.

This is complete insanity. This would like, exactly like, the US Supreme Court ruling the Democrats were liable for all the recounting costs in 2000 that gave Bush the presidency. The ruling also violates 1971 and 1974 US Supreme Court rulings that state it is, unconstitutional for a state to require a mandatory fee to run for office.

What do the Democrats have to say about this?

“I think that’s great,” he said. “You’re goddamned right he should pay,
and he should go away, because he didn’t learn his lesson in 2000.”

So, if you attempt to challenge the two party duopoly you will be bled dry and have your bank account raided by the Dems. I guess the only fair thing to do is allow poll workers to charge a fee for those who dare vote third party or independent to pay for these new Democratic poll taxes.

Yes, you got that right, if you choose (how dare you) not to vote Democratic in the next election, you may have to pay a poll tax.