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60% Want 3rd Party

Ballot Access: On July 13, a USA Today/Gallup Poll was published. 58% say the two major parties are doing “such a poor job” that a third party is needed. Only 33% say the two major parties “do an adequate job of representing the American people.”

Yes it true, almost 6 out of ten voters say the time is right for a third party. No wonder Democrats feel they need to suppress the vote. When asked between a hypothetic 3 way of Clinton / Giuliani / Bloomberg who they prefer 12% chose Bloomberg. This is not much different than an earlier poll with an unnamed independent.



Its one thing to say that a third party is needed, even some liberals would acknowledge that, and quite another to actually vote for an Independent / Third Party. Almost 50% say they are likely to vote independent in 08.  


The last thing we need is another New Yorker in the race. A Bloomberg would only make sense if the Democrats veered dramatically to the left. That will not happen with a Clinton / Obama / Edwards candidacy. Our national politics veers center right so what we really need is a run by a  left or populist leaning independent . A candidate with both progressive and populist credentials that could put a people powered politics front and center. 


3 responses to “60% Want 3rd Party

  1. Mr. Obvious ⋅

    A candidate who is not a total freak and gives the impression that they would do more (if elected) than occupy space in high-powered rooms while history is made all around them and they cannot keep the pace, someone with the intellect and maturity and savvy to navigate within the current system would seem to be the biggest gaping need in thirds.
    It’s not really the platforms as expressed on paper that are the problem.

    Saying all people should have INPUT is one thing, but granting VOICE to all, even the fringiest of the fringe, is vastly different from ELECTING some guy with a propeller on his beanie. Beanie Boy will be sorely out of touch with the perceptions and views of everyone except his little “family”. S/he will not inspire trust, but fear, among the more mainstream folks.
    People who wear suits to work voted for Nader, but they would run from Beanie Boy – he isn’t “them”. You don’t elect people who scare you, who seem like they could never “get” you or worse, are actively out to destroy that which you cherish.

    No matter how low the approval ratings get for those in the existing political pools, “normal folks” will still think in terms of tweaking what we have, getting things back to normal, however they envision that, not up-ending it all. That’s the look of so many of the third party candidates. And if not the specific candidates themselves, too many of the followers.

    It’s a Catch-22. The more “mundane” appearing folks who think and feel as the thirds do on paper keep a wide berth when they see some of the stuff that occurs within the third parties as they currently exist.
    Sorry, but that’s the elephant in the corner of the room that’s too un-cool/upsetting to mention.

  2. Many foreign countries have 3+ powerful political parties… it’s definitely the way to go in my opinion. it would most likely require an overhaul of the electoral college system though.

  3. EC really is not that big of an obstacle. The biggest reform is moving toward a majority, rather than plurality, based electoral system. The most straight forward way to accomplish this is IRV.

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