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Nader’s In

Centre Daily: Nader said he is mulling a 2008 presidential run, but before jumping in he would have to put together an organization of thousands of volunteers and pro bono lawyers to defend him against the “Democratic quadrennial assault.”

“We’re going to be ready for them. We will confront them on every level,” Nader told a news conference. “They better have clean hands.”

As I have mentioned before I did not vote for Nader in 2000 or 2004, but maybe the third times a charm. I was quite impressed a few weeks ago when Wolf (CNN) asked Nader about contaminated products from China. In particular when  asked how a consumer can tell which foods from China are safe he responded none. He further explained that the closer the food source is to you the safer it is.

Ralph also set the record straight of who the real spoilers are.

Many Republicans and Democrats believe “we’re the ones who take votes away” from them, he said. “It’s not the Republicans and Democrats in a rigged, corrupt system who take votes away from us.”

I have had it with the Demopublican and Demowhore fear mongering about third party voting.  It is supposedly the Greens and Nader’s fault that we went to war Iraq when the vast majority of Democrats had their thumbs up their ass. Yes, both Patriot Act 1 and Patriot Act 2 are also the fault of the Greens which is why only 1 Democratic Senator voted against it. I think that if we want to find blame for the state of America its best for Democrats to take a deep look inside before blaming outside forces.

But, for the fun of it lets play out their fantasy. If Gore / Lieberman would have won in 2000 it certainly would not be the Gore we saw at live earth. Please remember that Clinton did not sign the Kyota protocol at the urging of AL Gore (he did not want it as a defining political issue). Lets also not forget the dismal environmental record of Clinton / Gore throughout the 90’s.  In the end we would still have had a rogue vice president for last years, Lieberman instead of Cheeney). If we truly want to honor the Democrats fantasy we’d have to acknowledge that right now Lieberman would be running unopposed for the Democratic nomination for president of the United States.  Don’t look at it as the Greens / Nader gave us eight years of Bush but rather saved us from 8 years of Lieberman.


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  1. If third parties ruthlessly self-examine, develop strengths and eliminate weaknesses (while staying true to their belief systems) this kind of blaming should fall by the wayside.

    Your (anyone’s) political enemies will say all kinds of stuff, realistic to bizarre, in hopes that someone most importantlay the “victim” themself, will buy into it. Who cares about truth? People only care about what works.

    If the public (but again mocs importantly the “victim” believes that the rape victim is a whore who wanted it then the gulty basketball player-rapist can resume his glory and avoid consequences. Same principle here.

    If Nader and others can keep on taking the beatings and persist the false accusations will be harder to apply. Whatever else you may say about Gore he is a good example of not being beaten down, letting his inner reality define the outer, not yeilding to labelling. As is Sheehan.
    Lots of people will correctly conclude it’s not worth it for them, not everyone can/wants to do put public b.s. ahead of everything else.

    But the more time thirds spend explaining how they’re not spoilers, the greater legitimacy they give to the charge in the first place. How can thirds get the People to hear them more clearly? To convey themselves as representatives and players and not just court jesters? That is the problem.
    It’s one thing (an admittedly essential thing) to know your enemy. More important to know yourself. It still can be said that weaker warriors put stronger warriors such as Nader at risk.

  2. Mr. Know-it-All ⋅

    Mr. Know-it-all ruthlessly self-examines and finds that he cannot type worth a shit, can he?

    He hangs his head in shame.

  3. So, the Roberts Courts isn’t enough for you guys?

  4. So, Michael how many Greens Independents voted for Roberts. Even Feingold voted for Roberts. If the best you got votes for Roberts, its kind of silly blaming a Green or Nader for it.

    At least we don’t have to contend with 8 years of Lieberman or does Hillary amount to the same thing.

    It seems to me you’ve got a big house to clean before you start blaming the Greens.

  5. I’m still thinking of the 90,000 votes Nader’s 2000 vanity run pulled down in Florida, and Bush’s 500 vote margin.

  6. I’m still thinking about 250,000 democrats who voted for Bush. So, you’d be perfectly content at having Lieberman for the next 8 years.

    If you and other Democrats really believe this crap, why has not there been electoral reforms. Why has there been no attempts at instituting IRV. Why have WI Democrats not divided electoral college votes by proportion of the popular vote.

    Bush was the lesser evil in 2000. The problem was after 911 he took Gore’s foreign policy. Geeze, the NeoCons – Kristol and company were banking on Gore in 2000 so they could go into Iraq. We could argue it might of been a better run war, but the war itself is a given.

    What you should do is stop the fear mongering and voter suppression. When you limit the candidate pool which is what you are articulating, you are suppressing mine and others right to vote. So, in your democracy only Democrats and Republicans should have the right to vote. If you are not a member of an authoritarian right ( political party your right to vote is denied.

    Sorry we don’t live is a slave state where votes are the Democrats entitlement, if they want them they’ll have to earn them. Neither Gore nor Kerry deserved to win although it was in both of their reach.

  7. I am certainly not obligated to defend everything the party does. I just want all you Nader supporters to think about that support at various times–like after the first woman dies in a back alley abortion once Roe V. Wade is overturned. (And, yes, I would accept Lieberman if it meant Gore was picking the Supreme Court.)

  8. And that is why third parties are so badly needed. In the end you’d settle for a fascist that is to the right of Bush on most issues, for the sake of party.

    Don’t pull the frickin Roe card, both Gore and Lieberman have very weak stances on Roe vs Wade.

    So, only the right to vote if we vote the way you want. Well, Maybe your fear mongering and voter suppression will keep some progressives at bay, but you and your corporate toadies are not going to determine my vote.

  9. You’re right that sometimes there isn’t a lot of difference between the parties–but sometimes there is. In terms of putting more conservatives on the Supreme Court, there wasn’t much difference between the Greens and the GOP.

    I never said you couldn’t vote for whoever you wanted–I just want the consequences to spelled out for all of us.

  10. The Greens never supported Roberts. Feingold and Kohl did. One of the things I have always detested about GW was he being incapable of taking personal responsibility. That is exactly what I now detest about the Democrats. They blame, blame blame, but never take responsibility. They told of if we voted for them the war was over. They lied, period. When it came time to vote, they escalated the war without any benchmarks.

    What about the consequences of voting for these centrist corporate toadies. I voted for Clinton in 92, and he fucked this country up royally. He went after the poor and the working class like it was hanging night in deep south.

    Go to political compass, every Republican and Democratic candidate except for Paul, Kucinich, and Gravel are on the authoritarian right. What about the rest of the American people, don’t they deserve a voice. If you want to support centrist Democrats that push our politics further and further to the right, go for it, but don’t drag me down in your grave with you.

    It makes not a bit of different to me if we got a corporate Republican or Democrat in the white house. The choice for me is not Democrat or Republican but an acceptable third party alternative or staying home.

    Less that 18% of potential voters in Milwaukee voted in 06. They had 55,000 fewer votes than Dane County. You consider that a Democracy. 60% of voters want more choices. If Democrats spent less time trying to suppress the vote and more time getting their own house in order we’d be better off for it.

    If my choice is D or R, I say fuck it I’ll take the dictatorship.

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